Happy Mothers Day

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24 Responses to “Happy Mothers Day”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    I knew it. Just knew it…

  2. SAO’ Says:

    That’s doubly weird because I was trying to find a recipe for Tuscan sausage and kale soup, and I knew I had it in my N shut otes, but couldn’t find it. And then I realized that every time I typed in “zuppa” Siri autocorrected it to “Zappa.”

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Like the man says, trouble every day.

      The NYT has a couple stout sausage-and-kale recipes. I’ll hunt ’em up and report back.

      Here’s a good’un. I’ve cooked this one before and it was well received by Those in Authority (Herself).

      • SAO’ Says:

        N shut otes? I swear WordPress is the only place I have problems like this.

      • SAO' Says:

        My wife has declared this is her favorite and reporting to the Mess Sergeant is my only authorized course of action.


      • SAO' Says:

        Will give that NYT one a shot next time.

        Frau W. doesn’t like chorizo, but fortunately Boulder Sausage Italian is an acceptable substitute for pretty much anything.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        I’ve made that NYT version with linguiça and prefer it to the chorizo version. Yours looks like a keeper too.

        This is another, similar Herself Approved® recipe.

        And yeah, “N shut otes?” Not even my Mad Dog Secret Decoder Ring could crack that one.

        • SAO' Says:

          I wrote “notes,” then went back to capitalize it. But sometimes, in WordPress, and may be depending on the browser, when you insert the cursor in the middle of a word, spellcheck and auto correct are not smart enough to realize that there are letters following whatever you were doing. So I’m frequently getting a word inside of a word, but they usually make more sense than this one.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        As long as we’re on recipes, how about this salmon-and-pesto deal from Ali Slagle of The New York Times?

        I made it night before last. The pesto was killer on the salmon, and also later (thinned a bit with pasta water) on some egg noodles.

        • SAO' Says:

          You had me at salmon, and then you really had me at citrus, and then you add the pesto to it, and I had no fight left in me

  3. Pat O’Brien Says:

    Thunderstorm and rain here. May??? Soak them mountains down boys, ‘cause the heat is coming!

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Wind and a light drizzle overnight here. But the wizards say more precip’ is on the way. Just in time, too. The deer are inching down from the Sandias to eat everyone’s flowers.

    • SAO' Says:

      We have had four straight days of precipitation, with a 50% chance pretty much the rest of the week

      The ducks have even decided it’s too much, they’re camping out on our front porches.

  4. Opus the Poet Says:

    My normal Mother’s Day post is a link to Jerry Jeff Walker, but I was sick today and forgot.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Haw. “Redneck Mother” is a good one. All hail Ray Wylie Hubbard. Also, “Mama Hated Diesels” (Commander Cody), “Mama Tried” (Merle Haggard), and “You Never Even Called Me By My Name” (John Prine and Steve Goodman, for the famous tacked-on final verse).

  5. SAO' Says:

    You seen this? Republican for 25 years, seems major.


    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I did indeed. Really something for a town that had a John Birch bookstore just off Acacia Park when I was in high school; hosted a Ku Klux Klan march through downtown in 1979 or thereabouts; and still has a few hate groups hanging around. He whupped Wayne Williams, an old GOP warhorse, who told The Gazette:

      “It’s clear Colorado Springs is less conservative than it used to be. When I was chairman here (of the El Paso county party) we had no Democratic state reps. Now we have three. So there are significant changes that have taken place and I congratulate Yemi on an excellent campaign.”

      I bet Fannie Mae Duncan is hosting an open bar in The Great Beyond as we speak.

    • Pat O’Brien Says:

      I’m surprised you made it out of there alive. My buddy Mark down here must have moved out under cover of darkness night as well.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      It was interesting, for sure. It always felt like an old-folks town to me. But not the kind of old folks I turned out to be.

      Very frustrating for anyone even slightly to the left of Mussolini. The Donks didn’t even bother to field candidates in some races because it would’ve been money down the rathole, and Dougie Lamebrain keeps hanging on there like a dried-up dingleberry on a senile elephant’s butthole. He’s been stinking up the U.S. House since 2006.

      But as Williams notes, the town has been inching leftward for quite some time now, and if you find the right spot — say, the fabled Patty Jewett Yacht & Gun Club Neighborhood, where we hung our hats for a dozen years — why, it ain’t bad at all. You just have to pretend that the rest of the place doesn’t exist.

  6. Herb from Michigan Says:

    When my daughter lived in the Springs she noted all the toy soldiers based there and faux Christians made it surreal after coming from a part of Michigan that is stupid conservative. She said it gave her an inkling of what the Deep South must have been like in the 50’s. It didn’t feel that way to me when we visited but she lived there and left without looking back. Hell my fond memories of CS are likely clouded by too much time at Ivywild Bristol Brewing.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      You’ve got a shitload of active duty there, what with Fort Carson, Peterson AFB, the Air Force Academy, the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, etc., et al., and so on and so forth. And you have a bunch of military retirees. Not a lot of tree-hugging prairie fairies in that crowd.

      The God-botherers replaced the techies — remember “Silicon Mountain?” — as leg two of the economic triad, the third being tourism. In my experience, God-botherers tend to lean right as well.

      But there were and are a few whackos like us in Bibleburg, Richard Skorman, John Crandall, and Michael Merrifield among them, and if they’re finally starting to get more than a finger or two on the levers of power, well, it’s long overdue.

      Bristol Brewing and the Blue Star were two of my favorite places Back in the Day. The Blue Star is no more, alas; we spent many a delightful hour there with our friends Christina and Steve, who like the restaurant is no longer with us.

  7. Pat O’Brien Says:

    “Mediocrity is King”

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