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Chain of fools

November 18, 2013
Hobo crossing

Riding the Rock Island Trail east, I found this sign, and the temptation proved overwhelming.

New bicycles are like strange dogs. Most are friendly, but occasionally you meet one that wants to bite you in the ass. Or worse.

While planning a minor expedition to inspect the flood-damaged southern end of the Pikes Peak Greenway, as a prelude to logging what the Adventure Cycling Association folks call a “bike overnight” before the snow flies, I put the Bootleg Hobo into the workstand for a quick chain-lube yesterday morning.

Imagine my surprise when I found a link ready to pop. I could’ve broken the chain right there in the stand using the ol’ opposable thumbs and a finger or two, no chain tool required.

I thought I’d heard an occasional clicking sound while riding the Hobo the day before, when I snapped this photo. But the thing was a demo bike that arrived with shifting issues, and I’d been dicking around with the barrel adjuster in hopes of shutting it the fuck up, so I figured it was probably a tight link somewhere. Thus the workstand, and the chain lube.


One of the washouts left over from the summer’s flooding.

So, yeah, duh. Good thing I didn’t pop that bad boy while standing to climb a hill, as I had been doing. I rarely carry a chain tool on rides, and almost never pack an extra set of testicles.

Long story short, back in the garage went the Hobo and out came the Co-Motion Divide Rohloff, which doesn’t have a chain to break. And the ride was swell, though the trail was in pretty poor repair in spots, as you can see in the other photo.

But my nuts are just fine. Thanks for asking.

Happy trails

October 10, 2013
The leaves are turning rapidly here in Bibleburg, despite the best efforts of Congress to halt the march of progress.

The leaves are turning rapidly here in Bibleburg, despite the best efforts of Congress to halt the march of progress.

Here’s yesterday’s view from the Co-Motion Divide Rohloff. I rode north on the Greenway trail to the U.S. Air Force Academy and found surprisingly little damage from the recent flooding; either the trail elves have been busy or the south end took the brunt of the storm.

While out and about for the first time in a week I met up with my old pal Dennis the Menace and we rode along for a spell, discussing the parlous state of current affairs.

We agreed that chaos prevails, and while that can be amusing for those of us in the ever-precarious business of rumormongery, we both felt that we little people in the hinterlands would benefit from a prompt extraction of crania from colons on the federal level.

At least the sonsabitches haven’t been able to furlough fall. It proceeds apace, and helps us forget, if only for a while, that we have elevated the least of us into authority over most of us.

A river runs through it

October 1, 2013
Some of the damage done by last month's floods.

Some of the damage done by last month’s floods.

Check out the South Greenway Trail, or what remains of it, down by Circle Drive and Janitell Road.

This is part of the estimated $6.5 million in damage to area parks and trails from September’s flooding. And anyone who thinks they’re gonna get fixed soon has been smoking too much of the fabled wacky terbacky. So-called “friends” groups — to wit, volunteers — are doing a lot of the work while the evil ol’ gummint concentrates on socialism and whatnot.

Of course, with the feddle gummint sending everyone home while the Baboon Caucus redecorates the Capitol in an odiferous brown hue, we may soon have more volunteers than you can shake a shovel at.