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Some lovely filth, Kaintucky style

December 16, 2018

Cyclocross! Getcha cyclocross here! Get it while it’s hot!

OK, so more like “Get it while it’s cold and sloppy.”

• Late update: Congrats to Katie Compton on No. 15! Damn, I love watching her race. She puts on the Great Stone Face, hangs out the “Open for Business” sign, and goes to work serving out heaping helpings from that 55-gallon drum of whup-ass.

By popular demand: The BooCam™

December 15, 2013
Live from Bibleburg, it's Mister Boo! Click the pic for streaming video.

Live from Bibleburg, it’s Mister Boo! Click the pic for streaming video.

• Late update: Mister Boo has returned to his trailer to study the script. Takes longer than you might think when you only have the one good eye and require 23 hours of naptime per day.