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Onewheel to rule them all

January 27, 2019

I gotta get out more often.

After a couple enjoyable hours on the ol’ bikeroo I decided that what I needed was a plate of chicken enchiladas in green prepared by somebody who was not me, so off I went to Los Cuates.

“OK,” says Charlie at Two Wheel Drive, “I’m gonna start framing pictures then. See how you like it!”

On the way there I saw a guy riding one of the dinguses in the video up top. I dismissed it as another acid flashback, but here it is on the Innertubes, so it must be real.

On the way back I saw this frame shop, which is considering branching out into new services (hey, a frame is a frame, amirite?).

And on Central near San Mateo, where you never know what the hell you’re gonna see, I saw a couple folks waving signs for a charity car wash … to raise funds for a funeral.

There has to be a story behind that last one, and I hope to Christ I never hear it.