Onewheel to rule them all

I gotta get out more often.

After a couple enjoyable hours on the ol’ bikeroo I decided that what I needed was a plate of chicken enchiladas in green prepared by somebody who was not me, so off I went to Los Cuates.

“OK,” says Charlie at Two Wheel Drive, “I’m gonna start framing pictures then. See how you like it!”

On the way there I saw a guy riding one of the dinguses in the video up top. I dismissed it as another acid flashback, but here it is on the Innertubes, so it must be real.

On the way back I saw this frame shop, which is considering branching out into new services (hey, a frame is a frame, amirite?).

And on Central near San Mateo, where you never know what the hell you’re gonna see, I saw a couple folks waving signs for a charity car wash … to raise funds for a funeral.

There has to be a story behind that last one, and I hope to Christ I never hear it.


23 Responses to “Onewheel to rule them all”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    Sounds interesting.

    I did my part to convince myself why cyclecross would never work for me. Rode out to the Rail Trail. Its a mucky, marshy, snow/ice festooned mess. After about a mile of pushing 700-40 MSOs through deep muck, I said Fudge It, so to speak, and turned around.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      My man Matt Wiebe from up your way says the mud is fierce this year. He’s in an arroyo up off Palace and is thinking about calling in a Chinook to drop a few hundred tons of gravel into his soup so he can come and go without an airboat.

  2. David Rees Says:

    Wow, what an image…I wish I had more, but I don’t.

  3. NOt Jusuk Says:

    Just another way to break myself. I wonder if I could rent one.

  4. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    I watched the clip and before I knew it “Queen An” Coulter popped up! Way too early in the morning for this shrew….especially if she’s not dressed up in her Nazi SS garb.
    Pretty sad commentary on Donald Trump’s America when you need a bake sale to finance a funeral, eh? MAGA!!!

  5. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    Meanwhile, there’s this –

  6. Dale Says:

    Maybe when you think you need to raise funds for a funeral and burial with a car wash, you should step back and think it through one or two more times.

    My demented mind views young women on a street corner waving signs – “Free car wash”, “Donations accepted, “Mom, Dad, brother, sister, aunt , uncle, or best loved pet passed away” Be kind and generous”.

    If they don’t like your contribution, the radio antenna is broken.

  7. BLester Says:

    South central Wisconsin will be minus 27, wind chill minus 53 Wednesday morning. Minus 30 and minus 51 Wednesday nite. Tomorrow will sport a high of plus 1, with 30 mph gusts to blow the nine inches of powder we got today.

    The real irony is that we had a pleasant snowless, relatively warm winter going until about twelve days ago. Somnabitch came roaring back. Magical foot-and-half appeared, and there you go.

    • larryatcycleitalia Says:

      After spending 20+ years in Iowa there is NOTHING about the US midwest that I will ever miss. Nothing.

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