Rock’s not dead! Just brain-damaged

Flowers that reared their pretty heads a bit early found themselves bowed by the weight of our most recent snow.

Flowers that reared their pretty heads a bit early found themselves bowed by the weight of our most recent snow.

Tyler Hamilton isn’t the only Rock Racing rider to find himself suddenly unemployed. Apparently homeboy Mike Creed is hunting work, too, and not of his own volition — renowned disco-denim maven and working-class hero Michael Testicle showed him the door on April 14, according to

Mike chatted with Steve Frothingham of this morning, and you can read Steve’s account of their conversation here. That Mike’s former employer continues to stump for a riders’ union is not unlike a tomcat proposing a Society for the Protection of Plump, Juicy and Delicious Little Songbirds.

While he apparently has an offer to race next month’s Joe Martin Stage Race with another team, Mike told me via e-mail that further on down the road he’s thinking about leaping from the titanium frying pan of pro cycling into the Sterno stove of velo-journalism, perhaps with a podcast or Internet radio show. While he considers his options, there’s at least one bright side in being jobless in this sport, in this economy — he won’t have to wear that ugly-ass Schlock Racing kit any more.

Here in Bibleburg, meanwhile, the Storm of the Century mostly passed us by. It snowed all damn’ day yesterday and left maybe three inches, tops. But it’s heavy, wet stuff, and the foliage will appreciate it. Some 75 miles southwest and a couple thousand feet higher among the hillbillies of Crusty County, my man Hal Walter reports five times as much of the white stuff surrounding the world headquarters of Hardscrabble Times and recalls a pair of earlier April storms.

Down here, it’s raining lightly — “a driving rain,” as my man Dr. O’Schenkenstein said. And he should know, because he just spent two hours riding in it. The man himself just appeared at my doorstep, looking as though he had been dipped in shit, and taunted me for cowering indoors like the feeble geezer I am. He has been watching old Paris-Roubaix videos, which will give a man notions.

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  1. Duncan Carter Says:

    We got much more snow here in Boulder and now it’s 40 F and raining lightly. If I wanted to leave the house by car or by bike, I’d need to wade to get out.

  2. Rush Carter Says:

    Good Morning Viejo…

    This storm whimped out on us. I’m thinking of a wet cross bike ride or maybe a sloppy hike up the incline. Out in Falcon at Steve’s it is blizzarding. I’ve still haven’t used my studded snow tires this year. In Minneapolis I used them ALL winter.


  3. Duncan Carter Says:

    An excerpt from the April 18th Boulder Daily Camera:

    12:02 p.m. Colorado transportation officials on Saturday reopened a lengthy section of Interstate 70 that was closed overnight, stranding hundreds of travelers, by a storm that dumped more than 3 feet of snow in the region west of Denver.

  4. Patrick O'Grady Says:

    We got us a couple o’ Carters up in this mess. Duncan, don’t leave home without the water wings. And Rush, Minneapolis is smart enough to have winter in winter. We’re a little slow here in Bibleburg; can’t quite crank it up until spring.

    Me, I made a batch of biscuits and now I’m reheating some beef vegetable soup. Maybe this afternoon I’ll totter outdoors for a short jog. You’ll be able to tell by the sound of the ground shaking.

  5. Duncan Carter Says:

    Rush – I got my exercise weight-lifting (snow shoveling) the walkway to the parking lot and my back deck. I wonder how waterproof my Lake cycling boots are that I haven’t needed, along with not needing my studded bike tires.

  6. bagni Says:

    good news
    was at loveland yesterday…..couple of feet of powder
    bad news
    took me 6.5 hours to drive the usual hour 20min drive home
    luckily got off in evergreen and limped down the canyon at 20mph
    but it was worth it……

  7. Patrick O'Grady Says:

    Ah, I see our little green alien friends are paying us a telepathic visit from deep space. Mr. Bagni, I forgot to reply to your note asking for a link to The Alien Truth. A thousand I’m-sorries for the oversight. I’ve added you to the sidebar, so please lower that phaser, or at least put it on stun. I kinda like being stunned, but disintegration always leaves me feeling a tad scattered.

  8. Duncan Carter Says:

    I think I still have a copy of “Sunday In Hell”. I suppose I could watch it again and see if I get a notion to ride in the wet slop. On the other hand, I could take a nap.

  9. Ben S. Says:

    Umm 70, sunny with SW wind at about 5 kts. Slept in then two hours riding what passes for ‘hills” around here. I think four passes on the beach access roads equals 300 ft of climbing. Oh well we get the storm tomorrow as just boring, depressing cold and rain.

  10. Rush Carter Says:

    Patrick, Luckily I’m not spending much time in Minneapolis… I own a bike shop here on the west side of Bibleburg. Headed for Fruita next week for much needed mtn biking. Headed there to also get some advice on how to start-up some middle-school cycling classes/clubs.

    Any Volunteers for help on this???

  11. khal spencer Says:

    We got about four inches of wet, heavy stuff yesterday and its all melted by now. I rode home from work in that slop yesterday and got home cold, soaking wet, and filthy from road grime but managed to survive passage over the frozen bridge deck (air temp was about 29 deg) that goes over Los Alamos Canyon to the Bomb Factory.

    Lucky there was a bottle of red wine handy to thaw out with. Otherwise, would have had to hit the hard stuff.

  12. Duncan Carter Says:

    Total rain and snow melt in NCAR’s Foothills lab rain gages for this storm is about 2.9 inches. If it was powder, it would probably have been about 3 feet.

    Rush, your cyclo-cross queen nieces who will be there probably could give you lessons. ;-))

  13. John Says:

    …and in Grand Junction and Fruita? It was mostly cloudy on Friday and absolutely gorgeous yesterday. Today will be more of the same: sunny and around 70. We haven’t seen rain nor snow in at least a week, and the trails are in great shape. I’m out for a 50 mile road ride today, and the Monument is on the schedule for Tuesday (when it’ll be between 75 and 80). So call in sick, bail on the soggy roads and mud-season trails and head over here.

    Oh, and Rush: enjoy the Fruita Fat Tire Festival next weekend. Should be a lot of fun. Don’t look for me though; I see no reason to compete with hundreds of other people to ride a trail I can do other any day of the week, any other time of the year.

  14. Duncan Carter Says:

    Rush, two of his brothers, and I are going to Highline Lake next weekend because it’s a four day weekend for the kids who are in Boulder schools and my oldest son Lee’s two daughters are in a junior high/elementary cycling team that has the group site rented for an outing. Our family started going there about nine years ago because it’s a kid friendly campground with good cycling nearby for the adults and the older kids. We mostly mountain bike but we’ve also done loops through the Monument from there plus other road rides.

  15. SteveO Says:

    Harscrabble’s thoughts on the water tank reminded me: Did you know that for Noah’s flood to really have happened, it would have had to rain 15 feet (that’s feet, not a typo) per hour for 40 days?

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