Rollin’ on the river

The bike path down around Fountain.

The bike path down around Fountain.

Nice day. I abdicated all professional duties and rode the creekside trail south until it dead-ended at someone’s pasture, just east of the Fort Carson exit off Interstate 25. It made for a rolling, 36-mile round trip from the DogHaus. Headwind out, tailwind back. Doesn’t get any better than that.

By the way, in case I haven’t mentioned it, my Nobilette cyclo-cross bike rocks. Sucker flat disappeared under me as I was riding it today. I felt as though I’d copped a ride on Aladdin’s magic carpet.

Herself and I had a couple buddies over for snacks and wine afterward and as usual we agreed that the body politic is afflicted with boils in dire need of lancing. But none of us has health care that’s worth a shit, and we can’t afford to catch anything, so we’ll leave the doctoring to someone else.

Hey, look, a shiny object! Is that iPhone 4.0 or Steve Jobs’ wiener in my ear?


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  1. Ben S. Says:

    For the first time in a very long time I feel like I’m on a very comfy technology plateau. iPad? Meh. iPhone 4.0? I’m on a 3G and it works just fine, thank you. Even on the bike front the Orbea and the Volpe fill all the important niches. Got a new commuting helmet last week and that’s about it for apparel.

    Boy I hope my malaise doesn’t set the economy back.

    Oh wait, one thing would be nice to have. Ho about some decent weekend weather? I’m about through with ‘character building’ rides this year.

  2. Patrick O'Grady Says:

    Hey, Ben, I hear you there. That’s why yesterday was so enjoyable. Reasonably warm weather — arm and knee warmers — and I didn’t have to be anywhere and wasn’t in a hurry, so I just spun around for a couple hours. Old racing habits die hard, but I’m striving mightily to remember that every ride doesn’t have to be a hammer-fest. It’s OK to freewheel for a bit, even stop to take pictures.

    I am spending a bit of money this spring, but mostly on upgrading and relocating ancient gear. The DBR road bike is getting a new set of pedals, which means its pedals can be relocated to the Soma Double Cross. I’m reconfiguring the Soma as a light touring rig, so it’s also going to get a granny ring and a stouter wheelset, which means its lightweight wheels can go back to the Steelman Eurocross from whence they came. That sort of thing.

    I need a bunch of tires, too, but man — that’s gonna get pricey. I may have to sacrifice a bike to the rubber gods.

  3. chris Says:

    Hey, O’G — when are we going on tour? And how are you gonna carry the amplifiers on that Soma?

  4. Boz Says:

    Both my wallet and gas gauge read “E”, so no new bike stuff for me for a while. Most of what I have is fairly new and in a-1 shape so no biggie. My computer stuff is of current generation and works great, so no needs there. Same with the photo gear. I guess I’ll just have to settle for my new wife come July 11. I’m trading up again, so at least I got that going for me!

  5. khal spencer Says:

    I just put a set of 700-32 Panaracer folding Pasela Tourgards on the La Cruz. They are a true 32 mm. I had bought them for the tandem but they fit a little loosely on the Co Motion’s Velocity Dyad wheelset and I was concerned they might blow off at a bad time. They fit well on the Salsa Delgado Cross rims and are amazingly smooth and relatively light on the commuter, so they would probably be pretty good light touring tires and not too expensive.

    We have been running the Panaracers on our Trek tandem for years and they are relatively light and fast and bombproof.

    My all time favorite tire on the tandem was the Avocet Fastgrip slick in 700-32 (it actually was close to a true 700-28) but they have been hard to find except through the tandem mail order folks.

    I see from the Salsa website that the LaCruz is now a Titanium frame. Wow.

  6. Larry T. Says:

    I REALLY like the Challenge Paris-Roubaix tires mounted on my LeMond Poprad. Nice and fat but I can’t feel any more rolling resistance than my other fave, Vittoria CX. The Roly-Poly/Ruffy-Tuffy (made by Panaracer?) that Rivendell sells are pretty decent too. I wish tires of this size would fit on ALL of my bikes.

  7. Patrick O'Grady Says:

    My fave ’cross tire is the 700×30/32 Michelin Jet. Despite its minimalist tread it really hooks up solidly in the loose stuff we have on the trails around here. They wear pretty quickly, though, and come goathead season I get a ton of flats.

    The Continental Ultra Gatorskin is a solid road tire. I have a set of the 700x25s on the DBR road bike and a second pair in 700×28 on the Soma Double Cross, and I have yet to get a flat with ’em after several hundred miles. I wish they made ’em in a 700×32.

    My Bianchi Castro Valley, long since sold to a friend, came with a set of steel-bead Vittoria Randonneur Cross tires that I kept for some reason that eludes me. They’re a bitch to mount on a Mavic Open Pro rim, which is mostly what I have going on around here.

    Anyone have any experience with Schwalbe? Matt Wiebe, the tech editor at Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, speaks highly of them, and the Marathon appears to be the tire of choice in the touring crowd. I’ve always heard good things about their ’cross tires, but have yet to test-ride a set.

  8. Boz Says:

    My buddy rides Schwalbe only. He has ’em on several bikes and is a high mileage rider. He commented the other day he has never had a flat (knock on wood.) They look good on his custom Ellis, Long Haul Trucker, and Cross Check. If I ere get the Batavus touring bike build done, that’s what I would put on it.

  9. swell Says:

    I have Schwalbe Marathon Cross 26 x 1.75 on the Kona MB, kevlar belted. I’m a casual MB rider, but they seem bulletproof. the road bike has Continental Ultra Gatorskin 700 x 25, I love those things, about 350 miles on ’em, no flat yet. No goatheads around here, just sand burrs, but they can’t bite a tire!

  10. khal spencer Says:

    We just put 700-28 Ultra Gatorskins on the Co-Motion Primera. It came equipped with the old version of the Panaracer 700-28’s and they looked more like 700-25 and I simply had no confidence in them on the long bike.

    Had one flat so far of undetermined origin on the Gatorskins, but they are fast, smooth tires, carve corners well at speed (Meena is amazingly trusting with me at the helm on these mountain roads) and the 28 mm seems more than adequate on the long bike. For all day comfort on crap pavement with panniers, I don’t think anything lighter than 700-32 would be very robust.

    But what the hell, YMMV. I should probably load up the Salsa with a couple days worth of stuff and take it over the Jemez mountains to Cuba and back for an overnighter. Then I can tell the National Laboratory that I traveled to Cuba and see what they say. Patrick, you up for a road trip?

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