Tacos and Vino’

Fish-and-spinach tacos tonight. This proved a poor strategic decision, dinner-wise, as Herself was in Santa Fe, yukking it up with a few girlfriends, which meant I had to cook and clean up.

The recipe, from Martha Rose Shulman, was OK but not stellar — especially considering that the post-dinner wash-up involved a couple of saucepans, a steamer and basket, a food processor and skillet, plus the usual cutlery, cutting board and spatulas.

Something was missing, and I’m damned if I know what it was. Avocados? Citrus? A scullery maid? I used vegetable stock instead of chicken, and warmed the corn tortillas in a skillet instead of steaming them — hey, I was hungry — and I skipped the grated queso for the same reason. Time’s a-wastin’, Fat Boy needs his vittles.

Whatever. I’m surprised I had any appetite at all after watching Alexander Vinokourov win Liège-Bastogne-Liège, with Alejandro Valverde third. Runner-up Alexander Kolobnev was the mystery meat in this unsavory sandwich, which got a big thumbs-down from the Belgian crowd; homeboy Philippe Gilbert finished just off the podium in fourth after a desperate, last-ditch attempt to win the thing.

I don’t speak any of Vino’s languages, and he’s not so good with mine, so I have to rely on better educated folks to tell me what he’s saying about his being shit-canned from the 2007 Tour, getting two years off on a blood-doping rap and coming back bigger and better than ever. Some say he’s unrepentant; others read a subtle confession in his recent statements.

Me, I keep getting a whiff of asshole off this guy. A suspicion that he might do anything, to anybody, to win races, collect trophies and cash checks.

Maybe that’s what it takes. If so, he has plenty of company, in cycling and elsewhere. Doesn’t mean I have to like it. Call me a Belgian if you want, but I ain’t cheering this one.

5 Responses to “Tacos and Vino’”

  1. Bruce M. Says:

    Lard! Lard, Gringo. True Mexican food is supposed to be made with lard. Fat equals flavor!!! Oh, lots of queso too. More fat. Plus enough chili heat to make your eyes water. Fish-and-spinach tacos. 😦 Mutter, mutter, mutter……..

  2. Boz Says:

    Vino reminds me of the stereotypical Russian cold war era villain, ala Ivan Drago; the pasty skin, the continued distrusting character, the accent etc. You just know some rich ‘stan business man has hired some fat, crew-cut and lab coat wearing ex-Russian scientist to develop more and more sinister doping methods to keep him winning for the glory of it all as he rules the world. MOOOOAAAAAAH.

    Maybe I have the start of a script for the new Austin Powers sequel.How hard would it be to write one of those?

  3. steve o' Says:

    And what does a bigger/badder Vino mean for AC’s TdF support from the Astana boys this summer? Vino gave it up for his boss at the Atlanta Olympics, and hasn’t done it again since.

    Fish tacos … grilled up some bad boys the other day, and had clean-up in mind when I got started. Just sprinkled the fillets with a rub of Savory Spices’ Homestead Spice plus a dash more ancho chile powder, and grilled ’em in a tinfoil basket so I could swap the kitchen sink withe recycling bin. Made some guac with a little Mexican oregano. (I’m a guac purist, never having figured out why you need a spice packet that’s 50% preservatives when avocado, lime juice, cilantra, and maybe a bit of tomato works just fine.) While the fish was grilling, fired up a skewer or two of veggies. So fish, guac, grilled veggies, some cabbage, and maybe some salsa. M put cheese on hers. But clean up was one cutting board and an 8 inch chef’s.

  4. Patrick O'Grady Says:

    Oye, Bruce, primo,

    Claro que si, the pig, cow and chicken are to be preferred when making tacos. But a little fish oil every now and then is good for my coat. Here’s a taco recipe from Rick Bayless that uses spuds and chorizo — que delicioso!

    Boz, get crankin’ on that AP sequel. I got a feeling this dude is still cycling’s super-villain. Well, one of ’em, anyway.

    And Steve, that sounds like a tasty dish with minimal cleanup. i’ll have to take a whack at ’er. But I tart my guac’ up a bit with just a wee bit of finely minced white onion and garlic. A day without garlic is like a day without sunshine.

  5. Larry T. Says:

    It’s more like who is NOT doped these days. If TdF excluded all riders with any hint of doping scandal it would be a pretty small peloton these days — and they know it. Sort of makes me wish for the bad-old-daze when the official water was Perrier and the car was Peugeot. Most in-the-know folks knew there was all kinds of doping but the general public was happily ignorant. I still laugh at how surprised and indignant ol’ JM LeBlanc was when the Festina scandal blew up…as if he didn’t know there was any doping going on? If the multi-nationals that had come into the sport (NIKE, COKE) hadn’t been there screaming about their saintly image being soiled, pro cycling might be going on just like the good ol’ pre Big-Tex daze. In some ways that might be better, eh?

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