Twin sons of different mothers?

This is weird. Kevin Drum just wrote a post that in spirit mimics a draft column I decided not to send to Bicycle Retailer & Industry News.

Mine had more bicycle crap in it, of course. And hardly any political snark, barring a quick left hook to Caribou Barbie’s spastically winking phiz. So they were practically identical, except for content ’n’ stuff. Plus Kevin says “fuck” less often than I do.

But we both are clearly in need of a vacation. Any ideas? I’m contemplating a hot-springs cycling tour of south-central Colorado on my kinda-sorta “touring bike,” the Soma Double Cross, but I’m absurdly vulnerable to peer pressure. Leave your suggestions in comments.

Incidentally for all you wisenheimers, Thomas McGuane already penned the definitive Hell-as-a-vacation-destination gag in “Nothing But Blue Skies.”

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5 Responses to “Twin sons of different mothers?”

  1. Fripphead Says:

    OK- here’s some pressure… GO FOR A RIDE!
    And do a few miles for me- I need a vacation, too. And I don’t get to go. You’ll be going for two- at least…

  2. james Says:

    RAGBRAI. But I think it is too late for that this year.
    Cali. We need some humor in this screwy state. The kind you can laugh at though.
    I’d say Albeq or Santa Fe but methinks you want cooler than hell weather.
    Oregon. I hear that it is really popular with cycle tourists this time of year. August as well.

  3. barry Says:

    Hey Patrick…come on over to NC!

    I can give you a never-ending stream of Christian Conservatives to feast on, a guest bedroom in an air-conditioned house (after you help us declutter the room), and some chores from my honey-do list to keep you busy between mental wrestling matches with my fellow citizens. You can thank my wife for the AC- cuz if it was up to me it’d be au-naturel in there.

    And the humidity here will probably make you wish you were back in CO within the week. Either that or the mosquitos. If it’s any consolation, I’m prone to keep the imbibables well stocked in case I have to hole up under siege for uncertain amounts of time.

  4. Ira Says:

    Come on up to PEI, in eastern Canada. We have miles of paved roads with very little traffic. Also universal healthcare and good beer. (Regis and Kelly were just here, don’t you know)

  5. Jon Paulos Says:

    Criminy, Patrick, James is right. RAGBRAI. Get in the car now and go. Think Antler-Headed Man on le Tour is odd? The Pope-in-Gold? Nothing compared to RAGBRAI. RAGBRAI is a world unto its own, a rolling circus, with plenty of riding, food and entertainment, all in one.

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