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OK, so I’ve been trying very hard to ignore the dismal political news, but it’s a kind of gloomy Monday (ever seen any other kind?) and so I’ll just direct you over to Steve Benen’s Political Animal, where he seems to be running a News to Make You Pull off Your Own Head roundup.

Just start at the top and work your way down as far as you can bear it. But unload all your weapons first and give the ammo to a neighbor for safekeeping. Also, remove all breakable objects from your immediate vicinity.

Finally, should you decide to pull off your own head, congratulations! You are eligible for a leadership role in the Republican Party!


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  1. Larry T. Says:

    If the folks who voted for change in ’08 stay home in November they’ll get the kind of government they deserve! Those who expected Obama to fix EVERYTHING by now are as nutty as the Tea Party folks. The Democrats should have come up with a simple slogan along the lines of “you think things are bad NOW? Think what would have happened had John McInsane and Caribou Barbie been in charge for the past two years!” I’m not too worried, the Clinton folks did OK despite the “Contract on America” Newt and the boyz rolled out back then. As we’ve heard time and again, Republicans always say government doesn’t work and as soon as they take it over, they prove it!

  2. Jeff in PetroMetro Says:

    I got called out yesterday at a nine-year-old’s birthday party about my time working on Governor Ann Richards’ staff. A conservative non-native Texan, non-Southern dad explained to his non-native Texan, non-Southern parents that Texas Democrats aren’t really liberal. We’re all Yellow Dog Dems who vote conservatively but just won’t have anything to do with the Republican party because of our Confederate history. I guess this was code that, as a white Southern Texan, one should assume I’m secretly good with the old Jim Crow standards and I’m appalled that a black family resides in the White House. Hmmm.

    The dad is a good acquaintance. Our daughters are friends and have been for years. I pulled my adult card out, read it twice to remind myself that a nine-year old’s birthday party wasn’t the place to stand on my soapbox, took a calming breath, and explained that I would love to find a fiscally conservative, socially moderate candidate who is willing to make some really tough choices, regardless of party. However, I can only find religious zealots, racists, homophobes, oligarchs, and standard-issue serial camera whores, so I try my best to pick the least potentially damaging candidates.

    And then I pulled off my own head.

  3. khal spencer Says:

    From Steve Benen

    “…After 20 years following politics closely, I’ve just never seen anything so pathological. Sharron Angle is either mentally disturbed or she thinks the people of Nevada are morons…”

    I am afraid that is a false dichotomy. Both seem to be true. Really is time to pull off our heads.

  4. khal spencer Says:

    And…here from the NY Times: “It” CAN make you go blind…

  5. Larry T. Says:

    If Harry Reid can’t make a case why the folks in Nevada should vote for him instead of this whacko, whose fault is it? I think the Demos could come up with someone more telegenic and inspiring to put on TV to represent their party’s majority in the Senate. On TV it looks like Nancy Pelosi has more balls than Harry Reid…but then nobody should mess with an Italian mother anyway…she probably DOES have more than Reid. We voted by mail long ago and I’ll be happy when this election is over and the candidates will go back to just robbing us instead of combining it with bothering us via constant robocalls and crap in the mailbox.

  6. Patrick O'Grady Says:

    It really is mind-boggling. Smart guys like Steve Benen, Kevin Drum and others rightly remind us that waves of dingbattery periodically sweep the nation, but I’ve been around (and politically active) for quite some time and I don’t recall it ever becoming quite this pronounced. It’s as if Bibleburg passed its neolibertard virus to the rest of the nation with one well-timed, vicious sneeze.

    The right’s frothing lunacy over Bubba Clinton comes close, but no cigar (you should pardon the expression). The Obama years will make the Bubba years look like a snooze in a hammock on a sandy beach with a nifty umbrella drink close at hand.

  7. James Says:

    Wait Patrick….does this sound like someone who is giving up the ship before it has even begun to sink?

    Part of the issue is this overwhelming ‘need’ to categorize politics based upon the playas. “Clinton years,” “Ford years,” “Reagan years,” etc. instead of looking at the bigger picture. Bubba may have been a weasel but then he did occupy the WH for eight years during which the loons, coons and goons of the GOP ran apeshit all over anything he did. Same with the “Nixon years” or the “Carter years” except with different playas. Honestly, I have no problem with Obama…except that he has failed to say “You know what? I made a mistake in promising too much. The problems that we face are so large, complex and ingrained in the fabric of America that I need (would like) you, the American public, to decide if we are headed in the right direction?” And if the loons, coons an goons of the GOP win next month? Then we get what we paid for….which is idiocy. But then is not one of the tenets of the wackos that they want ‘representative government?’

    I am not going to vote for any incumbent next month. Nor am I going to vote for the “lesser of two evils” if someone wants my vote, then they will have to earn it. Sadly I haven’t seen a single person who has reached that point. And I am casting my ballot this week…..before the really crazy sheit is going to fly.

  8. Charley Says:

    As a 54 year Nevadan, A Nevada democrat would be an Ohio staunch republican. I did not want to see Harry Reid run again. He should have already picked a replacement 6 years ago(ego I guess). The current New Yorker has a very good article on him.

    I feel like all incumbents need to go also. But, I refuse to throw away my vote or not use it. I will vote for the best (in my rabid liberal opinion) that is running. It seems to me that anything less is running away or sticking your head in the sand.

    Yea, it is a sucky/shitty situation we are experiencing.

  9. steve o Says:

    wanna get pissed at the world? read the reader comments to this article:

    we are a nation of simpletons. we don’t understand the most basic aspects of our own government and its policies.

    compared to the black plague or spanish inquisition, these are pretty good times. but there is so much fear, so much hatred for our system of government (which has worked pretty darn well for 230-something years) that you’d swear folks were dodging sabre-tooth tigers on their way to work or that everyone’s palm crystal was flashing black for Lastday.

    when did it become cool to be a paranoid delusional lunatic? and when did paranoid lunatics become the hot voting base that every politician wants to court?

    stop this train … i’m getting off!

  10. Larry T. Says:

    All this is why we’re moving to Italy as soon as possible. Most of the political BS there is impossible for me to understand (as I think it is for the native Italian-speakers!) and no matter what happens, life there goes on just fine, the food and wine are incredibly good, the scenery’s great, cyclists get amazing respect on the roads and the people are generally nice — I guess it’s the polar opposite of the USA, even with nutjobs like Berlusconi in power

  11. John Says:

    “It really is mind-boggling. Smart guys like Steve Benen, Kevin Drum and others rightly remind us that waves of dingbattery periodically sweep the nation, but I’ve been around (and politically active) for quite some time and I don’t recall it ever becoming quite this pronounced.”

    At the risk of stating the obvious, I think what has changed is that now we have 24 hour cable news channels and the internet. We are no longer exposed to differing view; and since it makes us uncomfortable to hear an opinion we don’t agree with, we don’t seek out the opposing view. Add in a positive feedback loop in which hearing a one-sided view on the cable news results in us seeking out an even more one-sided website and so on, and you have a wack-o making factory. So wack jobs get nominated and elected. Even I’m not immune from this: there may be a rational Republican out there with a well thought out, consistent view point and a willingness to compromise, but I’m not going to hear about him from any of my news sources. At least not till he’s shot dead by a “true Republican”.

    Pile on top of this the belief, held I daresay by the majority of Republicans and a few Democrats, that “the worst candidate from my party is better than the best candidate from their party”, and you have a recipe for disaster. It’s so bad that the Anti-Christ himself can come down to Earth and as long as he says he’s Republican, waves the flag, and loudly proclaims himself “born again”, he’ll get every Republican vote and then some.

    Oh wait, we already did that in 2000.

  12. david Says:

    Thanks so much for, all of you, for this most depressing reading. I don’t know whether to scream, cry or go back to putting my head in the sand. Maybe I’ll try to do all three, at least until the prez election is over with…

    I couldn’t agree more with steve-o and was about to write much the same yesterday. Since when is it a crime, or to be embarrassed, to be “smart”, or “educated”? Why is stupid and uninformed, being “just plain folksy folks”, the new standard? And like steve-o said, why are all the politicos fighting for their vote?

  13. James Says:

    David, because there are more of them who take the time to vote! And since the “smart” or “educated” don’t, guess who wins? Really, it ain’t all that difficult to understand. If y’all don’t like the way things are, then vote dangnabit!

  14. david Says:

    James! I voted already dammit! I don’t like the ways things are, so I voted already! Dammit! Have I used enough exclamation points already!

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