Tour de meh

Blue skies, smiling at me. ...

Blue skies, smiling at me. ...

Oboy, oboy, oboy — the route of the 2011 Tour de France is announced today and there’s an Apple proclamation slated tomorrow. My cup runneth over.

Well, actually, not so much. I don’t give a shit about the TdF, other than as a source of income. Cav’ wins all the sprints, the Schlecks win all the climbs, the Euskaltels hit the deck, there’s no time trialing to speak of and the winner tests positive for something you never heard of. There’s your Tour.

And if Apple announces a leaner, meaner and cheaper MacBook Air, as is widely expected, well, I don’t much care about that either. The old black MacBook seems to be ticking along, and if it croaks again and I need to leave the DogHaus to do a job of work there’s always the 12-inch G4 PowerBook, the 12-inch G3 iBook, the 14.1-inch G3 PowerBook … we got more Apples than the average Washington-state orchard, is what I’m sayin’.

Meanwhile, it’s a beautiful fall morning — 30-something, with a high in the mid-60s forecast. A guy with any brains would be out riding his bike. And if he did, he might see me out there riding mine, too.

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  1. Larry T. Says:

    TdF 2011? Looks like a classic route. Much better than the 2010 edition and they’re coming over to ITALY! Don’t know yet if CycleItalia will offer anything in the way of a riding/viewing package but Harry & Leather will probably head into the mountains to see the stages in Italy. We’re waiting to see the Giro d’Italia route this weekend, we always hope the route will intersect our routes in Umbria or Le Marche but so far we’ve had no luck there.
    Another gorgeous fall day here on the soon-to-be-frozen plains of Iowa too! After lunch I’ll be out there on the bike. Yesterday was about as fine a day for a ride as I’ve ever seen here, high 60’s, low humidity, crystal clear, sunny skies. I enjoyed a wonderful two hours of cycling. Today looks almost as good. As they say in Italy, BUON DIVERTIMENTO!

  2. Jeff in PetroMetro Says:

    So I quietly sat in on the VN roundtable this morning. There’s a new tech editor, Nick Legan. Where’d Zack Vestal go?

    I don’t think Contador will be riding the TdF next year or the year after that. I think the Schlecks will be very good (as long as they don’t get caught eating Spanish beef). I think Basso will be very good (same caveat as the Schlecks). I’d like longer time trials, both TTT and ITT. Garmin-Cervelo’s green jersey team should be awesome. Cavendish really needs a shave.

    1. a Schleck, probably Andy
    2. Basso
    3. CVV (he deserves it after this year)

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