What is the sound of one wheel spinning?

The sound of one wheel spinning

The Cateye tries to hypnotize me. Didn't work.

Zen, Zen, Zen, Zen. I heard that for an hour yesterday as I rode the Cateye trainer in my office.

Or I would have, if I hadn’t had the iPod cranked up to 11. Led Zep’, Elvis Costello, Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton and the great Les McCann-Eddie Harris tune, “Compared To What,” recorded live at the 1969 Montreaux Jazz Festival.

That sucker sure makes the wheels go round faster, despite the dualism of the trainer, aboard which which one seems to be both asleep and working at 114 beats per minute.


18 Responses to “What is the sound of one wheel spinning?”

  1. Larry T. Says:

    Couldn’t help by notice the SLEEP on your cyclocomputer screen….same as ours have shown the past couple of days as the SoCal rains have returned. If the weather dart-throwers are correct we should enjoy some sun and warm temps later this week before we pack up and return to the frozen plains of Iowa.

  2. Bloodin'Spoonful Says:

    Get some rollers ya sissy, try nodding off on those.

  3. David R Says:

    Boy, that was bizarre, and an odd coincidence. I’m sitting here catching up on some work and had Swiss Movement playing in the background… One of my favorite albums…

  4. john Says:

    Tunes gotta help.

    Afterwards, it’s Cold Duck Time!

  5. barry Says:

    One positive thing about the Tour de Nowhere…if life seems like such a blur and you feel like you never have a spare moment, try to spend an hour on a trainer or rollers. Funny how life seems to ssssllloooowwww down on those. An hour will feel like several.

    Myself? I got out for an hour and a half today after the skies finally broke. 55ish and mostly sunny, if fairly breezy to boot. Not bad Harold, not bad.

  6. Patrick O'Grady Says:

    Longest I ever lasted on the trainer was 90 minutes. I believe that was up in Weirdcliffe, during the winter of 1997-98, a real bear. We got four feet of snow all at once on Thanksgiving Day, and it piled on top of the stuff we’d already endured. Man, that was a long winter. Lots of snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and rides to nowhere.

    I never learned how to ride the rollers, alas. I have this tendency to drift off into fantasyland while riding indoors and it always sounded like a good way to head-butt the teevee at speed.

  7. Ryan Says:

    Damn that is one hot riff thank you sir, its going on my spin list.

  8. khal spencer Says:

    I went off the rollers once while watching a football game. No major damage except to the cat’s peace of mind. There isn’t enough stored energy in spinning lightweight bike wheels to go anywhere. Just fell over and put a black tire mark on the red roller frame, which suddenly wasn’t the reddest thing in the room compared to my face.

    Supposedly, based on those who suppose such things, riding rollers helps keep one’s bike skills sharp during the “it sucks to ride outside” season. Actually, I started riding them back in grad school since a buddy of mine had a set and brought them into the basement of the Geoscience building where we set them up in my adviser’s rock crushing lab. I in turn donated the Walkman and headphones to our new den of jockdom.

    My bike handling skills have never been exemplary so I figured its better to use rollers once in a while than to let my riding skills get any worse.

  9. Larry T. Says:

    I never bought into the bike handling or pedal stroke claims of roller uses after watching their choppy pedal strokes or difficulties riding with no hands. Like OG, I just wanna get the ol’ ticker turning over a bit faster while keeping my fat a__ used to sitting on a bike seat — paying any more attention just makes it more boring and harder to watch the video of the Giro d’Italia I play while trying to imagine being there. Caught a bit of the Visions of Italy (I think that’s what they called it) on PBS on Sunday…great helicopter scenery shots done by some of the same folks who film the Giro….I think I’ll pony up a special donation to PBS and get the 3 disc set….looks like a great thing to use while on the trainer — in the bit we watched they showed one of the roads we ride on as part of our Cilento Coast tour…almost as spectacular to see from the air as it is to ride! We have a few more days here in SB and finally some nice weather — we’ll try to get tired of the riding here before we head back to the frozen plains on Monday.

  10. Khal Spencer Says:

    One of Sarah Palin’s crosshairs came home to roost today. Anyone else ready to lock and load?

  11. Larry T. Says:

    As soon as I heard about the shooting and the location I wondered aloud about some of the followers of Palin and the so-called Tea Party. These folks in my opinion are little more than the KKK without the pointy hats. I guess the next time I go down to annoy Congressman Steve King at one of his town hall political theater performances we’ll all have to pass through metal detectors to get in. I wonder how many of his rabid supporters carry concealed weapons?

  12. swell Says:

    Khal, this is so sad. Saw on Micheal Moore’s twitter feed that this guy was turned down buying bullets at a WalMart, but just drove to the next one and bought them. As R. Crumb said, “Why Don’t They Just STOP?”

  13. Khal Spencer Says:

    So where is O’G hiding out? Earth to Patrick…..

  14. Khal Spencer Says:

    Swell, he went through a shitload of bullets, too. Probably spent a good chunk of change. The Glock-19 allegedly had a 33 round clip (or 31, depending on where you look). I didn’t think an auto pistol could even hold 33 rounds of 9 mm ammo. Hmm….and here I was thinking of getting a Colt Gold Cup.

    A nut case, thrown out of his Community College for being a danger to the place, who is loaded for WW III and who knows, listening to talk radio to boot. Just what we need.

    And where, oh where, is Sharron Angle right now? Isn’t this one of her “Second Amendment Remedies”? I hate to sound partisan, but when you spew that bullshit, sometimes the chickens come home to roost. If my guys were suggesting that we shoot the other side rather than get elected (not that Donks seem to be capable of either), I’d quit that party as fast as I could pick up the phone.

  15. Larry T. Says:

    Isn’t AZ one of those states where they think crime will be reduced if everyone is packing a concealed weapon? If the kid’s dream was to die in a hail of bullets he picked the wrong side, the Demos just tackled him while he reloaded. I have no problem with weapons for HUNTING (critters that is) but the US has a BIG problem with weapons of WAR being in the hands of pretty much anybody. We don’t let just anybody buy fighter jets or tanks, why do we allow the sale of automatic weapons of war to anyone with the dough?

  16. khal spencer Says:

    AZ has probably the most lax handgun laws in the U.S. I read that recently they made it legal for anyone (yeah, anyone) to carry concealed. Not that I think it matters. Recall that John Lennon was shot in NYC, which has among the toughest gun laws in the nation. Other southwestern states, including my own, are “open carry” states, i.e., I can walk down the street (but not into a bar or a school, etc.) with a loaded Glock 19, should I want to buy one, as long as it is in plain view.

    Its tough to keep guns away from those who really want them given the gun culture in the U.S., but in this case, I think we really dropped the ball and could have done better.

    This guy, according to the news reports, slipped through the cracks. He passed a background check when he bought the Glock in November even though he got the boot ride out of his community college for being unglued and verbally violent, scaring the bejeezus out of faculty and students. But Pima CC apparently never reported him to law enforcement or got a court order keeping him off campus even though they insisted he not come back until a shrink certified him as safe to be on campus. Getting a restraining order might have been tough, but if done, would hopefully have triggered something on the FBI radar when he bought the gun.

    This is the price to pay for lax standards, hate politics, and a loose cannon waiting to fire. I’m not sure the relative importance of each component in this mix. Obviously Mr. Loughner pulled the trigger and is ultimately accountable. But what voices were going through his head? Second Amendment remedies courtesy of Sharron Angle? M-16 gigs at Rep. Giffords’ opponent’s campaign in this past election? Crosshairs politics courtesy of Caribou Barbie? Hate radio or Web? Maybe none of the above. Further, why didn’t his CC call the cops when they threw him out, getting a protective order? Especially after the carnage at Virginia Tech?

    Pogo said it best. We are our own worst enemy. This shit will happen. Already the Rush Shitbags of the world are doing damage control on Hate Radio.

  17. Larry T. Says:

    One thing is certain — without an automatic weapon of war he would not likely have been able to kill or injure so many folks. Walking into the shopping center with a hunting rifle would have been more difficult. What is an automatic pistol for, other than murdering folks? Of couse he could have blown up the place with diesel fuel and fertilizer but would every nutjob like this resort to things like that if these weapons of war were not so easily available? Folks in AZ complain about drug violence in nearby Mexico and organize vigilante groups to patrol the borders – but those gangs get their weapons of war from the good ol’ US of A using money made from the sale of dope to Americans. Pogo was right!

  18. khal spencer Says:

    Those mega-magazines were banned for about ten years under that Federal assault weapons ban that expired in 2005. Why someone needs an auto pistol and a 33 round magazine, other than to commit mass murder, is not clear to me. But ten rounds would have killed a lot of people. A revolver and speed loader could have killed enough.

    Although Gabby claimed she sometimes packed heat, it doesn’t matter if someone shoots you in the back of the head. A lot of judges pack heat, but the judge who was murdered was on his way from Mass and was probably not carrying either. So much for making it easy to carry. Most of us, even those of us who are gun nuts, simply don’t. Personally, if I thought I needed to carry pistol to be safe, I would rather move to a more civilized country.

    I used to target shoot at a competitive range with my stepfather, using a High Standard Supermatic Citation 22 rimfire and a Colt Gold Cup 45 ACP. Most competitive shooting is (was?) done with semi-automatic pistol (they are not full auto). Neither of our guns held more than ten rounds, the amount you fired in each of three, ten shot rounds (slow, timed, and rapid fire) on the range. We loaded 5 into the guns regardless of capacity because the rules imposed that you load and fire two strings of five shots in each round. You didn’t ever load ten.

    The recent demand for these large capacity magazines is not driven by any rational needs of sportsmen. For that matter, I’m not sure one needs a civilian version of a Phalanx CIWS for home defense or any legitimate purpose. As we used to say, its better to hit your target than spray lead indiscriminately. Back when I hunted deer, our motto was “one shot, one kill”.

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