Of Flanders and fences

No ride for Your Humble Narrator today. See Tour of Flanders. Damn’ fine race. I was able to watch the last 40km live via streaming video courtesy of Eurosport, with almost-English-language commentary from Sean Kelly, and it was a nail-biter right to the finish.

When I wasn’t posting words or pictures I was wrestling with our backyard fence, which is somewhat the worse for wear after one too many windy springs. A couple uprights have gone rotten underground and the bugger flaps like Glenn Beck’s blubbery lips when the wind is from the right quarter, and last night it was a howler. Beat the living snot out of downtown and kept us awake most of the night. It was so bad that a neighbor wondered whether a plane was plummeting to earth somewhere nearby.

Anyway, the fence is a wreck, I hate fence work, and the dude we usually hire to do things I hate has hurt his back and thus is unavailable to make my cushy life even easier. So today I braced the sonofabitch with a couple of 2x3s and then guy-wired it down, using some 14-gauge looped around the uprights and thence to tent pegs pounded into the turf. That ought to keep it in the neighborhood for as long as it takes for our guy to heal up.

Meanwhile, after record-breaking heat yesterday it’s presently snowing sideways from about six different directions at once, yet things remain on fire. Springtime in the Rockies.

5 Responses to “Of Flanders and fences”

  1. Larry T. Says:

    It was tough to keep our ancient Mitsubishi heading straight down the highway on our way back from the Twin Cities….NOW I remember why I hate spring here! Seems the minute the snow’s gone and it’s warm enough to ride outside without a ton of clothing, the winds start howling – sandblasting you with the sand left on the roads from winter! On the plus side I woke up early enough in our swank hotel to turn on SpeedTV and watch live MOTOGP from Spain while at the same time the Sporza internet feed of the Ronde! All while enjoying cappuccino made with our portable/travel Gaggia machine! Valentino Rossi on the Ducati looked impressively competitive in the rainy MOTOGP race (until he fell of, taking Casey Stoner with him) while I thought Boonen might have claimed victory in the Ronde had he timed is final sprint a bit better. The in-car camera shots of the DS’s in the cars were LAME! It was kind of like watching WRC in-car shots if the cars were going only 50 kph. Was this supposed to make the TV coverage more exciting? If anything, it reinforced the idea of radio-controlled racing to me. Finally, while not a Bjarne Riis fan in any way, it WAS kinda fun to see him take a supposedly second-rate guy and thwart the efforts of the mighty Schleck team in the Ronde!

  2. Darren Sherkat Says:

    Fucking awesome job on your commentary! I was waylaid and didn’t get a chance to watch it live. Your stuff was MUCH better and more timely than anything available in any language. I can’t believe it finished so early….I really thought I would be able to catch the last 40-20k, but instead it was in the final kilos and I couldn’t get a feed to work before it was over.

  3. barry Says:

    Well damn…I went for a ride for 2.5 hours and held off until late Sunday to hopefully get some video or something. Instead I’m “listening”! to a vacuum cleaner ad!!!!

    So fuck it…thanks for the update on what happened Patrice. Maybe I’ll get to watch it via stone tablet animation in a couple years. I hate I missed your version of it but the old lady had other plans for me today.

  4. Dan Says:

    So thanks to TIVO I watched this great race last nite! Once in a while Versus stops running rodeo and Nascar repeats and runs a classic bike race, the Tour of Flanders was AWESOME!!

  5. David R Says:

    Couldn’t agree more Larry: this was the perfect example of why radios have no place in races. Sunday was one hell of a race, the hardest single day in the world in my opinion, and this one was a cracker, but I couldn’t help but wonder how different it would have turned out if the boys hadn’t had a DS screaming in their ears the whole time, running down what they should have been paying attention to themselves.

    And in MotoGP land, Rossi’s mistake, despite what Stoner called a “racing incident”, was indicative of the struggles he’s going to face all season long. You and I both know how strong the lure of riding for the Italians was for him, but later he’s going to look back at his move to Ducati with regret.

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