Our house is a very very very fine house

The Great Bug Hunt

Our two cats in the yard, Turkish and Miss Mia Sopaipilla, on safari in the backyard jungle. Shhhh — they're hunting grasshoppers. Hahahahaha. ...

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13 Responses to “Our house is a very very very fine house”

  1. md anderson Says:

    I see they are not free-range kitties. Sometimes that’s best. We recently lost a cat, and I think to a coyote. One minute he was there, next he was no where to be found.

  2. Sharon Says:

    I love it – they look very content! Is that a leash?

  3. Patrick O'Grady Says:

    MD, Sharon, yep, both are wearing harnesses and leashes. It’s the only way Mia has ever gotten out, barring a time or two when she rushed a door as it was opening. Happily, she’s always so stunned to have attained liberty that she’s easily corraled again.

    When Turk’ was a kitten we started him out with a harness, but as he grew larger and more cantankerous getting him hooked up was a lot like juggling chainsaws, so we started letting him run free.

    Bad idea. Should’ve known better, having lost a cat to predators up in Weirdcliffe. Turk’ got in a tangle with something, collected a wound, managed to hide it from us (the Turk’ ain’t exactly cuddly) and developed a nasty abscess that required a $450 trip to the vet.

    So, long story short, he’s back in bondage, and we sport the occasional bandage. Oh, the felinity! The felinity!

  4. Libby Says:

    From that angle, Turk looks like he sports a Manson-like X on his head! Zoot alors!
    Chapeau for getting a harness on him. I have trouble getting a pill down my darlin’ cat.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Libby, I finally found his weak spot. Herself scored some organic cat treats that the Turk’ goes totally gaga over. I sprinkle a few of those bad boys over the floor in front of him and before he knows what hit him he’s all trussed up like a Christmas turkey.

  5. John Says:

    I’m surprised, O’G, that you’ve been caught quoting Madness. I can see Zappa being your style, but ’80’s progressive/ska music? I hardly see that being to your liking.

    I remember watching
    Madness open for The Police at a San Diego State University back in the ’80’s. Madness was much better.

  6. Libby Says:

    Wow I am seriously old because I had no idea there was anything but a CSN reference available.

  7. Sharon Says:

    CSN camp as well here. But still have some modern relevance as well (hopefully) as I have a Twitter account, 2 BB, Laptop, Desktop and 4 Bikes! Don’t feel old anyway.

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