A sound of thunder

Again with the “snow,” just enough to glaze the streets like a cop’s doughnut. I’ve seen more white powder on a proffered mirror, sighting along a rolled-up dollar bill. At least the wind is barreling down out of the north at 22 mph, with gusts to 31. So we’ve got that going for us.

Weather like this sends me straight back to the Mexican cookery for its natural-gas component. Last night it was posole and chicken-and-jalapeño quesadillas; tonight I’m simmering up a pot of beans with chipotle chile. I should whip up a batch of green chile sauce, but I think I’ll save that for tomorrow — I have a quart each of Anaheim and New Mexico chile thawing in the sink, and then we can greet the day over breakfast burritos with leftover chicken, beans and spuds smothered in green.

So, yeah. A day without beans is like a day without thunder. Just in case you thought Fort Carson was engaging in a little holiday artillery practice.

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8 Responses to “A sound of thunder”

  1. Boz Says:

    Up here in the “Christmas City of the North”, we got the hoop on the snow so far. Casa Del Boz has a brown lawn, temps above normal, and a general un-Christmas feel to it. Saves on the heating bills if nothing else.

    The wife whipped up some black bean and ham soup the other day, enough so for several meals. I followed her effort with a classic sausage and peppers that I’m sure even Larry would have approved of, thus insuring the monoxide detectors were tested and deemed ready to warn us of real danger. Lucky for my co-workers our warehouse is a city block long and has very high ceilings, or things could get unfriendly.

    • Larry T. Says:

      Ah, salsiccia e peperoni, I like the sound of that. We got a couple of links in the fridge right now in fact. Supposed to be extra good – from a rare breed of black pig from the local area, protected by SlowFood and everyhing. Might prevail upon the wife to cook that up for dinner tonight – thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Jack Flanders Says:

    Truely pathetic when you blog what you eat.

  3. bromasi Says:

    never get in a word battle with the man.

  4. James Says:

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