Black Irish, or ‘Who’s Your Paddy?’

Guinness and Bushmills

Guinness is good for you. So is Bushmills. They both make the sidewalk softer.

A very happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and yours. Herself and I cycled downtown to catch a bit of the annual parade, and the video clip above represents our unanimous pick for Dudes Having the Most Fun.

This particular parade entry was sponsored by a pub, Tony’s Downtown Bar. And while it could easily be construed as racist, I’m gonna give ’em a pass, because I almost always find dudes in gorilla suits funny for some unknown reason. It’s a weakness.

Now I’m back at the ranch and fueling up for a bit of holiday cookery — a simple Irish stew involving lamb, potatoes and other tasty bits. Herself is sipping a Smithwick’s and fiddling with some video of her own.

The evening’s entertainment will consist of The Pogues, The Chieftains and “The Commitments,” with a little Frank O’Connor for bedtime reading. And tomorrow, we suffer — not just from having a drop taken, but from the return of March in its traditional form, which is to say windy and chilly. Saints preserve us.

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11 Responses to “Black Irish, or ‘Who’s Your Paddy?’”

  1. Boz Says:

    T- ten and counting to the oh so typical corned beef and cabbage that has come to symbolize St. Paddy’s day, though the Irish very seldom ate corned beef back in the day. Plus, we ain’t Irish. But, we like corned beef and cabbage and we like to drink, so we’re honorary Micks for a day. Guinness and Jameson for later makes for a great holiday evening. Happy St Patrick’s Day Patrick and all the denizens of these parts!

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I almost went the corned-beef route, as Ranch Foods Direct had some available, but went with lamb instead ’cause I rarely cook it. Kind of a nice change from beef, pork and chicken.

      Now we have a metric ton of leftovers, and I need to turn some thawed green chiles into sauce before they go to waste. Getting awfully crowded in that ‘fridge. …

  2. Libby Says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Nice video – great turnout for your parade. If most of the crowd is in shirtsleeves in March , that’s a good thing, although I saw some shivering. The babe in arms with the bare arms and legs didn’t seem like the best thing, though. Locally, we have assurances the there will be not be a recurrence of the ‘Kegs and Eggs’ wilding/riot (drink all day and night eat brekkie and riot) that took place in our capitol city last year. I began the day by watching MSR. Saw Cav struggle and glad to see the escape trio make it to the finish.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Libby, the weather here has been insanely pleasant for March. Windy, but highs in the 60s and 70s.

      Did you dodge the Kegs ‘n’ Eggs this year? We had a stabbing, but it seems hardly a day goes by without someone stabbed, shot or simply beaten up.

      I caught the last 100km of M-SR, just as Cav’ went poof. Poor Fabian, eh? Does all the work and winds up with another second place. Smart riding by Gerrans. Legs and brains, as they say.

  3. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    Forgot about St. Paddy, nobody pays much attention to him over here in Sicily. I did pay attention to MSR after a couple hours on my own bike on a sunny day before whipping up a lunch of “paccheri pesce spada” with fresh swordfish I picked up in the morning. The smartest guy won in San Remo though I’m amazed at the silly comments other places on the ‘net calling Gerrans a wheelsucker for coming around Cancellara to win. It was up to Fabian to somehow get rid of Simon if he wanted to win, same with Nibali.

  4. Andy Bohlmann Says:

    I too, bought some Guinness.

    After the fourth one, I read the label….”Made in Canada.”

    • larryatcycleitalia Says:

      That’s as bad as an Italian bicycle “Made in China”!

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Yeah, Diageo — which owns Guinness and just about everything else — has been brewing in Canada for quite a while. You want the real deal from Ireland, you have to go for the Foreign Extra Stout, as I did.

      Can’t drink a whole bunch of ’em, though — they run 7.5 percent alcohol. Talk about softening the sidewalk. …

      • larryatcycleitalia Says:

        No fan of Diageo. There used to be a Cinzano “factory” (for lack of a better word since I don’t know how they make the stuff) in Santa Vittoria d’Alba (one of these days I gotta watch the “Secret of Santa Vittoria” to find out exactly what else went on there) but a few years ago they converted the whole, historic thing to what looks like little more than a distribution center with a big DIAGEO sign on it. Cinzano meanwhile has been moved out to the industrial area around Novi Ligure, not too far from the Novi chocolate works. They’re probably making Cinzano in Canada too nowadays!

  5. Andy Bohlmann Says:


    Son Matthew who is forever looking for a job, (I don’t bother as I’m making a killing with my Wednesday mtb races) and I went back to our liquor store today.

    Since St. Patrick’s day is over, I demanded the Foreign Extra Stout at 50% off…just like Halloween Candy the day after! It’s like $9.50 for four bottles. I’ll have to raise my entry fees.

    They said, “No,” so I bought some Fat Tire and Mexcian Rum to go with my Mexican Coke in the glass bottle.

  6. High Plains Drifters Says:

    90 days left to finish reading Ulysses if you want to put it down before the 90th anniversary of it’s publication.

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