Post-birthday nose meets same old grindstone

A thousand thank-yous to all who proffered happy-birthday wishes instead of death threats.

The festivities began with a pleasant two-hour bike ride — headwind out, tailwind back — and concluded with a high-speed burst of cookery after Herself invited the neighbors over.

We’ve been to their house for eats a couple of times, but had yet to reciprocate, so never having cooked for them I stuck with my basic skill set — a simple pico de gallo with blue corn chips followed by a pot of pintos in chipotle, which I turned into burritos smothered in hot Pueblo green chile with a side of roasted potatoes in red Chimayo chile.

Herself contributed a salad and a delicious raspberry cobbler. Beer and wine were consumed, along with a dollop of uisce beatha. Laughter ensued, and a fine time was had by all, except for the Turk’, who despises company, especially if it includes an aggro’ Chihuahua named Cujo.

Now it’s deadline time at the DogHaus, and somebody around here needs to get real funny real fast. We didn’t spend much on my birthday, but the White Tornado has a new fuel pump and the upstairs toilet has new guts, and Toyota mechanics and plumbers don’t work for free.

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11 Responses to “Post-birthday nose meets same old grindstone”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    Hopefully, the Toyota is a simple four-banger. Cheaper to fix and drive. I’m seriously thinking of selling the Subaru given that it is sitting for weeks on end. Between time on the bicycles and on the K1100, it seems strange lately to be seated in a car. Even stranger as gas climbs to four bucks a gulp. The bike, godzilla that it is, still gets about 43 mpg around town and about 50 on the highway. And that’s not driving slow, either. Gotta get hold of Maynard and raid your beer supply pretty soon.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Yessir, K, the White Tornado is a real simple truck, the last of my once-mighty fleet of four: a carbureted four-cylinder 22R with manual locking hubs, solid front axle and power nothing.

      Don’t recall if I’ve mentioned this, but like you we’re considering unloading a Subaru. Herself works in Denver twice a week and needs reliable transportation, but she’s home three days a week and I’m here alla damn’ time, so why do we need two Subies, an ’83 truck and an ’08 Vespa LX50?

      The Tornado is mobile again, as is the Vespa (new battery). And it strikes me there are about 16 bikes in the garage, three of which are tricked out to carry loads of this and that. So I’ve got that going for me, too. Ain’t like I don’t need the exercise. …

      • khal spencer Says:

        Should be easy to sell a Subie if it is in good shape. Seems to be the official state car in Colorado and New Mexico. I’m getting closer and closer to collecting my Plastic Watch, and at that point we will definitely be downsizing the battle fleet, if not before.

        I suspect that K1100 will eventually be traded for something a little less huge, too, like a Vespa, since even I recognize the ravages of age vs. my ability to hump nearly 600 lbs of motorcycle onto its center stand and god help me if I ever get it seriously horizonta.

  2. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    We have a ’93 Mitsubishi with less than 100K miles on it sitting in our garage in Sioux City. I hope like hell it’ll start up after sitting there with a trickle charger on its battery and a dose of Sta-bil in its fuel tank. The wife has students younger than this car! Here in Sicily we’re doing just fine with NO car. If/when we need one they’re easy to rent from any of the major agencies which are just 5-10 minutes walk from our seaside apartment. They oughta ban the damn things from this island unless you are a resident but what do I know? Sunday we’ve been invited to pranzo at an agriturismo about 15 miles from here, up a climb way too steep to ride there on our single-speed shopping bikes. So we’ll pedala forte in order to mangia bene…luckily our hosts won’t mind us dining in cycling gear and the ride back “home” is almost all downhill!

  3. High Plains Drifters Says:

    Decided our next car will be a Burley trailer. Might be throwing our hat in the foster-to- adopt ring again, so need a two-seater. And until our two- year-old figures out how to use a bottle opener, my “groceries” should be safe strapped next to her.

  4. Libby Says:

    Your Birthday sounds all good! Raspberry cobbler – swoon.
    My Ford sedan has 107,000 miles on it; “runs good.”

  5. Derek Says:

    Have an old chevy. Last started in December. Last driven in august. Ride the bike. In the moments I actually need a vehicle it seems a half ton truck is perfect. Gets a respectable 13 MPG or so, estimated as neither the gas gauge or the odometer function properly. I think more people need trucks driven less often and bicycles ridden more frequently.
    As for the Toy. Cheap replacement parts available forever. 22R engines complete still less than $1000. Burly parts galore. One of the best Rock crawler/buggy donor vehicles ever, due to their inate sturdiness and the Japanese ability to not re-invent the wheel. Why invent when you can refine. Chevy engines/trannys bolt directly up either way. (in general) because Toyota licensed the chevy block. Some of the Japanese blocks for FJs etc, are nicer than our version. It is a smart way to develop product. It seems to be working in bikes maybe too.
    Digression aside keep the Toyota. You can still fix it with baling wire and duck tape.
    PS happy belated.

  6. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    Just got news from Sioux City, IA about the “pink slime” situation there. I remember seeing this on Food Inc. but I guess the disgusting news has now gone viral? I thought it was funny seeing all the local and some not-so-local right-wing bozos lining up to tour the plant where this edible feces is produced. There’s a free picnic on Saturday featuring “pink slime” burgers so locals can come out and show their support for this “local” business. How long before “pink slime” is declared the official “food” of the Repuglican Party? I’m REALLY not looking forward to going back there at summer’s end!

  7. Boz Says:

    I can bike to and from work these days, have to older but nice vehicle (2000 Chrysler T&C Limited, 2002 Cadillac DeVille DTS) paid for and plan on keeping it that way!

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