Fire on the mountain

Waldo Canyon from Palmer Park

The Waldo Canyon fire as seen earlier today from Palmer Park — which is now closed to keep it from getting lit up, too.

The mercury is knocking on the century mark down here in Bibleburg, but it’s a whole lot hotter in them thar hills.

Manitou Springs got cleared out last night and early this morning, and the Air Force is weighing in with a couple of C-130s that can drop 3,000 gallons of fire retardant in less than five seconds, according to The Denver Post. Two more are inbound from Wyoming.

Down here in the flats it’s oddly quiet. Lots of folks are watching the fire the way a bird eyes a snake, taking cellphone pix and muttering to themselves.

We’ve gotten a few calls from friends and family who wonder if we’ve been forced out onto the open road with only a few simple possessions and the menagerie enjoying a Romney ride atop the Subaru.

Nope. Herself is still at large in Mouse Country, I’m stuck in an un-air-conditioned office wrangling word count and the critters are trying to find cool spots to stretch out. Good luck with that. It’s not exactly fur-coat weather, is what I’m saying.

Still, there are worse things. We know a few folks who’ve been chased out of their homes by this bloody fire, and a few of them are staying next door until things cool off a bit. They may be waiting a while — there’s nothing but sun, heat and wind in the forecast for the next 10 days.  Y’all start doing your rain dances now, please. And thank you.

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4 Responses to “Fire on the mountain”

  1. Steve O Says:

    I did pray for rain for you, but me and the man upstairs in exactly on speaking terms. So I’ll just do the best rain dance I can think of. 3 or 4 IPAs and my dancing skills are up there with Tony Manero, Deney Terrio, or Tom the Dancing Bug.

  2. john Says:

    Yow! I do hope you’re spared any problems.

    I work at a scientific installation in Arizona from time to time, which is sometimes threatened by fires, and have unfortunately become familiar with this resource, which other Dog fans may want to know about. It’s a list the wildfires going at any one time (at least the big ones), with links to announcements, updated maps, press releases, and so on:

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