Ash Wednesday

Goooooood morning, Bibleburg!

Well, not so much. A bunch of people lost their houses last night — no idea how many — 32,000 Bibleburgers are on the run, and we’re looking at another hot, windy day, which is good for the Waldo Canyon fire but not so good for anyone else.

There’s a chance of thunderstorms, but a thunderstorm is what got us into this latest pickle, driving the fire down Queens Canyon to the Mountain Shadows neighborhood. Another storm lit up a few hundred acres around Boulder. Theirs, like ours, has multiple-personality disorder and is burning in any number of directions. So it’s not like anyone’s jumping for joy at the thought of Thor swinging his hammer unless Odin is taking a good long beer piss while Junior gets his workout.

We’re south and east of the evacuation zone and the worst we’ve had to face is the smoke from the remains of our neighbors’ hopes and dreams, with a little ash-fall for dessert. We’ll keep you posted. And thanks for all the emails, tweets and Facebook posts inquiring as to our safety. We’re still on the right side of the grass and it’s not on fire yet.

But I’d sure hate to see this lovely old neighborhood burn. I’ve lived in a whole bunch of places and this is the only one that’s truly felt like home. So please to commence your rain dances with all possible haste. That is all.

4 Responses to “Ash Wednesday”

  1. Jeff Cozad Says:

    Hopefully, y’all will escape Mr Fire coming to play in your hood. There are a whole bunch of friends out that way I hope the same for

  2. weaksides (@weaksides) Says:

    Jesus H. Christ in firefighter gear….we’ll be thinking of you O’Grady’s over here in the Bible Belt- NC division.

  3. khal spencer Says:

    Looks awful.,-104.946213&spn=0.173685,0.308647&z=12&source=embed

  4. swell Says:

    Think fast & clear, both of you er..ALL of you take care of each other. Send your current work to a cloud somewhere. Don’t wait too long if things get fucked up, Dog.

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