Flying Dog, or from fire to flood

Took a break from Le Tour today, mostly, though I did lend a hand to Charles “Live Update Guy” Pelkey over at Red Kite Prayer as he followed the stage for fun and profit. You already know what happened: Turns out Cav’ don’ need no steenkeeng choo-choo to win stages.

But first I had to shuttle Herself to the Greater Bibleburg Interdimensional Airport once again. This time she’s trading fire for flood, jetting to Maryland to visit family … kinfolks who only just yesterday got their power back on. So, yeah. Good times, is what. She’ll be sampling some Flying Dog ale straight from the source — who knew the outfit was based in Frederick, Md.? — and will report back to us.

Here’s hoping she won’t need an Igloo and a sack of cubes to keep it cold. I bet they’re running short of that sort of thing in my home state.

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6 Responses to “Flying Dog, or from fire to flood”

  1. Dale Says:

    She’s going to like Flying Dog’s beer. They have an IPA named Raging Bitch that is very good.Even the label is worth the price.

    • Steve O Says:

      Like the labels. Never liked the beer. And that was before they relocated to Frederick and ran two smaller brewers out of business. Oh well, that’s capitalism for ya. But that’s water under the Burnside Bridge. Maybe I should give then another shot.

      Cav had the legs. Almost didn’t have the throw, though. Damn, Greipel has some big freaking legs.

  2. md anderson Says:

    I’ve had some Raging Bitch. It’s good.

  3. High Plains Drifters Says:

    Speaking of Flying Dog labels … Seen this? Fear and loathing in six panels.

  4. swell Says:

    I tried the Flying Dog Porter, it is good, heavy on chocolate malts which I don’t usually care for.

  5. Larry T. Says:

    OG unsupervised AGAIN? Hope the fires have burned themselves out and Bibleburg’s movers and shakers can get back to telling others how to focus on their families, etc. LeTour’s been rather boring so far except for the polemics of what BigTex’s friends said (or didn’t) to USADA. Ol’ Tex had a point when he branded the other critics as liars with nothing left to lose, but these guys seemingly have NOTHING to gain (and lots to lose) by ratting him out…so Foghorn Leghorn will need a new tactic to discredit these fellows. If nothing else it’ll be entertaining until LeTour climbs over something that’ll break up the static GC.

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