El Fabuloso nearly does the double

July 1 rain

We even got a little rain today. Not much, but every little bit helps.

Faboo the Fast just about caught everyone napping in the finale to stage 1. The yellow jersey popped off the front, but Peter Sagan was watching and came along for the ride, followed by Edvald Boasson Hagen.

Sagan did the smart thing, which was to stick to Cancellara like a decal until just before the line, then nip around for the win. Mr. Fab’ got second and kept The Big Shirt. Eddie van Hagen held on for third.

The Slovak strongman’s victory celebration was a tad affected, prompting the following tweet from @cycletard: “Memo to Peter Sagan, the Village People want their dance back.” Ouch.

I almost missed the finale — the power went out in a sizable portion of the neighborhood for reason(s) unknown (perhaps Michelle Malkin’s Massey Ferguson diesel dildo overpowered the grid) and Colorado Springs Utilities was estimating it might take a couple of hours to get everyone back on line.

Happily, we had juice for the final kilometers, and I got to see a rare sight indeed — a yellow jersey on the attack. Good times.

Speaking of which, the smoke eaters are making progress on the Waldo Canyon fire. It’s a long way from out, but containment is at 45 percent and some evacuees are getting into their neighborhoods for a look-see. Those who still have homes standing may have to wait a while to take up residence again — some extensive reconstruction of utility infrastructure will be required.

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One Response to “El Fabuloso nearly does the double”

  1. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    Fab says he’ll be smarter next time but he still won’t have a sprint to use against guys like Sagan (or Gerrans as at MSR) so it’ll have to be a long, solo, “human-locomotive” escape I think. Fun to watch the yellow jersey actually do stuff rather than just ride around trying to keep it. And let’s face it, once he hands the shirt over to someone else, it’s very unlikely anyone from the Radio-Soap Opera team will be wearing it this year. Meanwhile, BRAVI to the Riis team for coming up with a jersey design that stands out from the crowd…even though their main man is standing way out of the crowd while he serves out his mini-suspension for the so-called bad beef caper. Glad you’re not in danger of being roasted OG. We start Legendary Climbs tomorrow and should have some bloggery up about that soon.

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