Oy. Long day on the job for a variety of reasons, and no, don’t ask.

Nice to see Bradley Wiggins try to lead out Edvald Boassen Hagen for the stage win, but I’m still having trouble warming up to ‘Is Lordship for some reason.

Maybe it’s racial memory. He is English, after all. But then I always liked the Beatles, Stones, Python, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, etc.

Maybe it’s his manner with the sporting press. Pro athletes often forget that if they didn’t get any media coverage many of them would be wearing paper hats and throwing packets of spuds at strangers through a drive-up window, or standing up to their hips in something nasty with only a shovel for company.

Nah. It’s the sideburns. That shit has to go. Wiggo’ makes Bob Roll look like James Bond, f’fucksake.

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16 Responses to “Shiteurday”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    Wiggo needs a pair of double knit bell-bottoms and a paisley shirt to go with those sideburns.

  2. Douglas Glondeniz Says:

    Wiggins seems nice enough, but Bob Roll has 1000 times the personality and wit.

  3. Ira Says:

    Austin Power on a bike?

  4. md anderson Says:

    So I read in the paper (that’s NEWSpaper for you youngsters) that Joe Cocker is on the Indian Casino circuit here. With (get this) Huey Lewis & the News. Cognitive dissonance abounds.

    John Belushi did a great Joe Cocker, but I would love to see Bobke give it a go.

  5. sharon Says:

    I don’t often disagree with resident author; however, from this female perspective got to say I love the ‘burns. Have lots of good memories of young lads with facial hair in the earlier days. But really not loving Le Tour this year.Seems like this will be a sort of transitional year and ready to turn page.

  6. High Plains Drifters Says:

    Just gotta say, given your history with plumbing engineering and gravitationally challenged waste, you run the headline Shiteurday and a lot of us start thinking in a particular direction.

  7. john Says:

    OT, but I did a century today (huge charity ride) and spotted an “Old Guys Who Get Fat in Winter” jersey.

    I sure could go for one of those Spare Tire Ales right around now. But I may have to settle for some good old Country Bear-Whiz Beer (“Why do you think it’s yellow?”)

  8. brokenlinkjournalism Says:

    Patrick……as a person with enough UK blood in his system to “boil a monkey’s bum, your majesty” I think the ONLY reason that the boys from Python make the list is because of the ‘Merican bloke, Terry Gilliam. And when I say “UK blood” I mean that there is still enough Irish whiskey mixed in there to make up for my enjoying the comedic stylings of the Python Boyos myself.

    Now as for Sir Bradley’s facial hair: Bobke’s stylings circa 1990s can NEVER be beaten! That NorCal homeboy was rocking some wicked sideburns. It made me wonder if all the hair he was shaving off his legs had revolted and decided to take up residency on his face. BRING BACK BOBKE!!!!

  9. High Plains Drifters Says:

    Hey … You ghost writing for Stephen King these days?

  10. SoCal Storm Says:

    Glad I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t stand the lambchops…

  11. Larry T. Says:

    Thinking an image of Wiggins could be what non-cyclists think of when pro cycling is mentioned is rather frightening to me. His robotic training methods and lack of panache don’t do much either..but the race is the race and if he manages to win using the “smoke ’em in the time trials and defend (boringly) in the mountains” strategy, one can only blame LeTour for creating a course to suit him. Just another reason the Giro will always be the better race for me. CycleItalia will even run a tour to view a stage or two in the final week of 2013’s Corsa Rosa if all goes to plan!

  12. khal spencer Says:

    Today’s stage was rather tacky, wouldn’t you say?

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