All the news that fits, we print (part four)

It’s official — Competitor Group Inc., which owns Velo magazine and, has been sold to Calera Capital.

All you’ll ever need to know about the corporate buccaneers who did for VeloNews what Bain Capital did for Ampad is contained in the press release issued today from CGI HQ in San Diego. David Moross, chairman of Falconhead Capital, which owned CGI before the sale to Calera, made sure to give credit where credit was due:

“Five years ago we set out to build a leading company in an industry that was highly fragmented, but well positioned for tremendous growth,” said Falconhead Chairman David Moross. “Competitor Group has grown dramatically during this period and realized much of the potential we originally envisioned. This success is due to the original strategy we developed to create the company, and the hard work of our very talented management team and our board of directors.”

Emphasis mine. Yes, sacking cancer victims, veteran Tour correspondents and crackerjack ad salesmen takes talent and hard work, like hitting your own thumb with a five-pound sledge, setting yourself ablaze while trying to drink a Flaming Jesus, or stepping on your dick while fleeing a raid at a Vegas whorehouse. I expect that no matter what the future holds, the boyos in Boulder will be glad to see the last of Cap’n Moross and his pirate crew. Arrr.

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5 Responses to “All the news that fits, we print (part four)”

  1. Khal Spencer Says:

    I am sure the boyos in Boulder will be singing that old Who song “…meet the new boss, same as the old boss….”

    Pick your galley, slaves. They all look pretty much the same from down on the oar decks. Hats off to Red Kite Prayer for giving us an option other than the Bain crowd.

  2. Jeff Cozad Says:

    I believe the corporate speak translates to “It’s time to take the money and run now that we’ve sold it to the Greater Fool”.

  3. Libby Says:

    I’m enjoying this mini-series, Patrick!

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