Spare weed, man?

A federal District Court judge in Denver has sided with the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado, issuing a preliminary injunction that prevents Bibleburg from enforcing its “no-solicitation zone” (read: downtown anti-begging ordinance) pending further legal tomfoolery.

Meanwhile, El Paso County has given initial approval to an ordinance that would ban recreational marijuana businesses in unincorporated areas of the county.

So, does this mean we have a First Amendment right to beg for weed downtown? I’m so confused.

5 Responses to “Spare weed, man?”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    Ooohh. Gonna retire to Colorado.

  2. Andy Bohlmann Says:

    I’ll split an oz.

  3. Ira Says:

    All that’s left is to legalize prostitution and Denver will be known as the Amsterdam of the western world. Do you think I can claim refugee status from Canada?

  4. Khal Spencer Says:

    I think its time Patrick and Shannon consider fleeing Bibleburg for a saner city.

  5. gbtco Says:

    Khal, I agree. Might I suggest Carson City, NV- where alcohol is free (at the casinos) and adult services can be had just a short drive up the hill. Or just move to any of the non-urban counties (yeah, all but Vegas and Reno),and you get it all! Guns, wimmin and booze!

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