New year, new recipe

Bacon-potato cake from "The Feed Zone Cookbook"

Bacon-potato cake from “The Feed Zone Cookbook”

Happy New Year to all you hungover old dogs out there. Here’s hoping you did not overdo it last night.

Herself and I actually made it to midnight, and I overslept for some reason, so breakfast turned into brunch. It being a new year, I test-flew a new recipe for bacon-potato cakes, from “The Feed Zone Cookbook” by Biju Thomas and Allen Lim.

It wasn’t bad, but was a shade bland for my taste, despite involving three of the four basic food groups (bacon, potato and cake). Next time around I’ll punch that sucker up with a little garlic, maybe some red chile powder, a bit of cumin, for sure some Mexican oregano. At the moment I’m kicking myself for not adding a dollop of the red chile sauce I made for enchiladas the other night. That would have put the old fire in the belly. Or the fire in the old belly. Whatever.

Speaking of things that need punching up (or out) I see “our” elected representatives in the nation’s capital have been up to the usual not much beyond redefining upward the definition of “middle class.” We seem to be a few hundred thousand short of that particular finish line, which is probably why the prez never replies to my brunch invitations.

You can read more than you care to about the fiscal-cliff shenanigans at:

• The Maddow Blog (Steve Benen).

• The Atlantic (Matthew O’Brien).

• Political Animal (Ed Kilgore).

• The Nation (William Greider).

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13 Responses to “New year, new recipe”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    Mr. Creosote looks a tad like those People of Walmart. Warning: don’t go to the People of Walmart site. Last time I wandered over there I had Norton fending off a malicious attack.

    Brunch here (late for I suspect the same reason) was a tofu scramble (tofu, mushrooms, onions, jalapeno pepper, garlic, cumin and some other spices that escape me all sauteed in olive oil) and homemade home fries. Washed down with orange juice, coffee, and a double helping of Advil…

  2. weaksides (@weaksides) Says:

    Happy Next Lap Around the Ball of Fire Patrick ETAL. Oddly I finished last year drinking lots of whisky and a little whiskey while watching The Help (of all movies to watch after Lord Romney’s failure) and passed out on the couch trying to watch what my dvr said was The Kindly Doctor, but looked more like some other chick with BREAKING NEWS on the Fiscal Whatever.

    Anyway today’s hangover rolled over into a 50 miler in the rain and cold with 2 good friends- Shannon and Glenlivet 12 year. Hilarity and tired legs ensued.

  3. Steve O Says:

    In bed at 10:30 last night. Work up at oh-six with a two year old on my chest yelling “daddy! You’re snoring cuz why?”

    M1A1 posole for us. Nice and mild because we’re easing the youngster into the world of spice.

    Better half made a mocha bundt for dessert. I figure, if I ever get the foolhardy notion to go for a run, should I slip on the ice, my ass needs to be large enough to keep me from suffering any damage from deceleration trauma.

    Cheers and happy thirteen.

  4. Pat O'Brien Says:

    In bed by 9 PM on the eve. I made simple pinto bean soup for lunch yesterday, along with fresh baked bread, because my better half asked for it. I did add a strong dash of Tapatillo. I washed it down with a Noble Pils and she had a Nitro milk stout. Then we tried to watch “Ted” which we turned off after 30 minutes. Like I said on RKP, paddle ball toys in lieu of pay to all useless lawmakers in DC who even managed to put some pork in the can before they kicked it down the road again.

  5. Steve O Says:

    Anyone expect anything else from old Graham?

    • Khal Spencer Says:

      Quite a tome. “…Sport transcends business and politics, two of the worst evils known to mankind…”

      Unfortunately, when doping and cheating are taken to high art in order to win, sport is no longer transcendental. It gets mired down into all the worst aspects of business and politics. Money, dishonesty, and cheating are normal elements of daily work. I thought we tried to keep sport pure but one has to be less naive. Even amateurs dope in order to feed their egos.

      I won’t fault Graham for his ambivalence about TCWSNBN, but somehow that picture of Lance pointing to the heavens after winning Stage 18 at Limoges in 1995, following Casartelli’s death, seems a little faded and tarnished.

      As President of the Hawaii Bicycling League at the time, I ordered that picture of Lance crossing the finish line from Graham Watson and had it framed and awarded to an AIDS organization in Hawaii, calling it “The Spirit of Cycling Award”. This was after the AIDS organization put on, from scratch, a multiday, multi-island ride in support of AIDS families. It was intensely personal for yours truly, as I had just lost my brother in law to a very brutal death from AIDS. At the time, Lance seemed like a genuine hero who had overcome medical adversity and that picture really did impress me as transcending losses such as Fabio Casartelli or my brother in law, the Rev. Warren Zeh. One of these days I need to write Lance and tell him that story.

      That was in my younger and less cynical days. Hmm….mere humans should not be saddled with such a heroic burden to live up to, eh? I certainly would fail such a test.

    • Larry T. Says:

      NO. Same for TV’s Heckel and Jeckel. These guys raked in piles of loot courtesy of their chamois-sniffing relationship with BigTex. JW’s squeaked out a weak bit, trying to help everyone forget about his gorging at the trough of Tex dollars. Who’s left to hear from of the BigTex money-grabbers? Are they all present and presenting their excuses? Is GW the last?

  6. Larry T. Says:

    Didn’t do much for New Year’s Eve but “enjoy” rowdy kids jumping up and down in the suite above us for hours. Dozed off eventually but woke up in time to uncork the prosecco and toast 2013. Started off the year right with a bike ride in the Malibu hills, past the famous Rock Store (pretty quiet on this day other than the usual moto squids barreling around so TWO different photo operations could capture their half-assed knees out antics) and through Westlake back to the schmotel. Nice day overall, finished by the wife cooking up some spicy pasta and swordfish steaks (that’ll pay back the rowdy kids, take a whiff of this!) for an early evening dinner. Best wishes for a great 2013 to everyone – except John Boner and his feral children in the House!

  7. Opus the Poet Says:

    I just saw an article from Pat that he did in 2002 on a website called, on the subject of road rage against cyclists. Not much has changed except the gas got more expensive and motor vehicles got more like tanks. The article was updated in Dec 2012 with fresh statistics.

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