Leaf me be

There's Voodoo in them thar leaves.

There’s Voodoo in them thar leaves.

Hm, sure is a bunch of leaves on the lawn there.

Say, there’s a bicycle smack dab in the middle of ’em, too.

Now, what d’you suppose would be more fun — raking those leaves or riding that bike?

What’s the temperature? Sixty-five, you say?

Well, I think that answers our question du jour, n’est-ce pas?

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15 Responses to “Leaf me be”

  1. weaksides (@weaksides) Says:

    Damn leaves…first I lost my wedding band in the ones out back last Sunday. Luckily a neighbor is coming over tomorrow to try to find it with her metal detector.

    Then today I got taken down by leaves in the road on my commute to work. Luckily I wasn’t hurt, but it sure was a wake up call regarding dry leaves.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Ouch — a doubleheader. That’s got to sting.

      My wedding band has been AWOL for years. We’re not quite certain who lost it — me, who had a habit of taking it off to race cyclo-cross, or Herself, who becomes something of a berserker in cleaning mode and has been known to throw any number of valuable items in the trash while in the zone.

      A buddy ate it in a 90-degree corner full of leaves a couple years back. Happily, we were riding slowly, approaching the pedestrian bridge over I-25, so it was basically just a bit of embarrassment. Glad to hear you got away mostly unscathed, too.

  2. Khal Spencer Says:

    Yeah…..leaves have always been a problem. Wet leaves and moss in the tropics or in the temperates are best. I’ve done a few FDGB in my days on that stuff.

    Having a MC endorsement, I used to do motorcycle escort duties for the Dick Evans Memorial Road Race on Oahu after I gave up on actually doing the race as a Cat IV. The race went around the island and up and over some abandoned roads on Windward Oahu, including a section of Old Pali Highway. Old Pali Road was partly in deep rain forest, overgrown with moss and lichen, and had big holes on the edges of the road bed. It was dicey for the racers, and I kept wondering what would happen if I dropped the escort MC through one of those holes. Fortunately, it didn’t happen, but I did learn how to do a very good sphincter pucker for that entire leg of the race.

  3. Steve O Says:

    Y’all have to rake leaves in your parts?

    I thought that was the waldmeister’s

    You start letting amateurs break leaves, can you won’t get the perfect mix of coniferous and deciduous leafage to revitalize the topsoil

    Y’all in the Springs are obviously not paying enough taxes if you can’t afford a good waldmeister.

    • Khal Spencer Says:

      Shit. I hate leaf season. We always get into it about whether to clean them up (her) or let God make them into mulch on site as it is written somewhere (me).

      • Ira Says:

        I find if you procrastinate long enough they get buried in snow. By spring there’s very little left, just run them over with the lawn mower. I keep telling the Missus I’m not lazy, I’m fertilizing the lawn.

      • veloben Says:

        We compromise. I pay for a lawn service. She gets no leaves. I get to ride.

  4. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    Toga, toga, toga. Wait a minute, wrong movie. Voodoo Voodoo, Voodoo! Where did you ride?

    We did Brown Ranch ride today. Tomorrow my ass and the ES are going to get acquainted again.

  5. Larry T. Says:

    I must admit to raking a few leaves until one day I said, “Why am I doing this? What do the leaves hurt?” So now I rake ’em outta the driveway and off the porch – BASTA! Otherwise I deal with ’em only as the “leaf demons” who hide the roots and holes on the MTB trails near our shack, just waiting to grab the front wheel and send me flying. This afternoon might be a good day to battle them, though we DON’T have any 65 degree temps here on soon-to-be-frozen plains of Iowa.

  6. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    Just got back from riding. I think the 700×25 Schwable Marathons on the Soma ES will get replaced, when they wear out, with 700×28 Conti Gator Hardshells for a smoother ride and more traction. Thanks for the tip MJ.

    We have one Arizona ash tree in the front yard. The leaves are changing now, so they will be on the ground in two weeks or so. Wind blows them up into a corner, I vacuum them up which also mulches them, and into the compost barrel they go. Compost goes into stock tank garden, and you get daikon radishes, spinach, and snow peas this time of year. Leaves are good except riding over them. That doesn’t happen often here in SE Arizona.

    • Larry T. Says:

      Consider (you deserve it!) swapping in a set of Challenge Parigi-Roubaix if you want a smooth ride. Perhaps not the best if you ride over sharp rocks as the sidewalls are a bit fragile, but for crashing over frost-heaved pavement or pave type rocks, they’re pretty sweet. They’re a bit too fat to fit on my Mondonico bikes but on my LeMond Poprad winter bike they’re mighty nice.
      Their Strada 25 is plenty fat, reminds me of the old Clement Criterium Seta, but fits easily in the tighter clearance of the Mondonico. They’re right up there with Vittoria Pave in ride quality – and better looking with the classic tan/brown sidewall and black tread, while my “heaven-on-clinchers” title still goes to the Vittoria Corsa open tubular in the 25 size – especially if you can find ’em in the classic color scheme.

      • khal spencer Says:

        +1 on the Vittoria Corsas in 25mm width. I mounted a set of them on traditional 3x spoked wheels (Campy hubs, Mavic Open Pro rims) after the State of NM chipsealed all of NM State Route 4. Smoothed out the chipseal a whole lot.

  7. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    Thanks guys, I will check them out. Our biggest problem in these parts, and I assume Khal may also have them, is the goat head thorns, also known, and an apt name, as puncturevine. A tire without some form of puncture protection will result in many flats, especially this time of year when the thorns harden and are spread on the road by the roadside mowers. I have had two flats in the last week, on the mountain bike, from goat heads. Had a flat yesterday on the mountain bike from a big ass mesquite thorn, but that was my fault. I ran over that mesquite branch trying to dodge the snake in the road.

    • Khal Spencer Says:

      Goatheads are a problem fer sure. The Vittorias are pretty puncture-prone compared to stuff like the Gatorskins, but if its a choice between a puncture and having my tooth fillings rattled out, I’ll bring extra patches.

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