Your Christmas platter

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9 Responses to “Your Christmas platter”

  1. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    That is one of our favorites.

    This fellow lives in Tucson. A little different Christmas medley.

  2. Steve O Says:

    Music in the sky last night:

  3. Libby Says:

    Merry Christmas!
    Just watched “The Bob Hope Christmas Special 1967” from the Defense Dept. Archives. It is on C-SPAN3 American History and Scheduled again at 5:05PM ET. Filmed in VietNam, Thailand, Guam, Phillipines and on air craft carriers. Fascinating time capsule and Hope is hilarious. Featuring several hundred thousand servicemen, Raquel Welch, Barbara McNair and more.

    • Libby Says:

      Should add there is plenty of music and hoofing, too. Can’t give the ending away.The special ends the way every show closed out.
      Ninety minutes no commercials.

  4. Khal Spencer Says:

    Way too upbeat for the usual grumbling on this site, but all in the spirit of the day, I guess!

    • Patrick O'Brien Says:

      Whatcha talking about grumbling? I went riding today so no grumbling, but I had a damn headwind that last 6 miles. Shit. And it only got up to 60 degrees! Did I mention I hate winter?

    • Khal Spencer Says:

      We took the dogs for a long hike on the Perimeter Trail. Mid thirties up here was the high. I’m going to dig out my sweats and do a Dog Run in a few minutes. Never did pull the bike out today other than to fix yet one more flat tire I got riding home from work yesterday.

  5. BruceM Says:

    Patrick. Hate to be the grump here, but that song is by The Drifters, not The Platters. Having said that, it has to be my all-around favorite version of White Christmas regardless of who did it.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Duh. Right you are. Never write your headlines in a hurry. I’ve changed it to “Your Christmas platter,” “platter’ being Original Hipster for “vinyl record,” which this most surely was at one point. Thanks, Bruce.

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