Happy happy joy joy

ren-n-stimpyDogs and Doggettes everywhere, raise a leg to our comrade Khalil Spencer, who hit the big six-oh today.

And now, please join me in singing our national anthem.

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20 Responses to “Happy happy joy joy”

  1. Larry T. Says:

    Buon Compleanno Khal!! Tanti auguri!!

  2. Andy Bohlmann Says:

    I was 60 once. It last a year.

  3. Khal Spencer Says:

    Muchas gracias, amigos y amigas!

  4. sharon Says:

    Happy Birthday Khal. Hope you are having a wonderful day. I would go out and do a bike ride in your honor, but it’s 25 degrees in Austin today. But I will do the ride tomorrow when it will be 70 degrees!

  5. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    Hey Khal, you share a birthday with the Mac computer. How cool is that?

  6. Steve O Says:

    Did he hit Six Oh …

    (Wait for it)

    Or did Six-Oh hit him?

    Thank you, thank you … I’ll be here all night. Enjoy your waitress and don’t forget to tip the veal.

  7. veloben Says:

    Happy Birthday Khal! I’m 1/2 way through to 61. It’s not so bad, actually it’s a slight edge as all the 59 year olds will think you’re over the hill. Just take them on an uphill sprint ( I hear O’Grady is only good going downhill.)

  8. Libby Says:

    Happy Birthday, Khal! Have a wonderful celebration. All the best to you!

  9. weaksides (@weaksides) Says:

    Bonne anniversaire Khal! Thanks also for that version of LG&M…never heard it before.

    Likewise thanks for the walk down stoned memory lane Patrick. Ahh Ren and Stimpy Sunday morning sidewalks of my youth!

  10. sherkat Says:

    Khal! Awesome. Man, you can clean up now in the super masters…..

  11. Derek Lenahan Says:

    I would send you a of Stimpy’s Stay Up Socks but the glue is stuck together.

  12. khal spencer Says:

    Thanks to all for the good wishes. I decided to post my own thoughts on a cyclist hitting sixty years young.


    • Patrick O'Brien Says:

      Neat post Khal. I like the idea of riding age in km instead of miles for the birthday celebration. Leaves more time for the beer and food.

    • Sharon Says:

      Enjoyed the column Khal – – especially, “What are you training for…” I guess I’m a little younger among the group (53), but still feel great. I rode a fairly quick 51 miles yesterday which made me feel like a million bucks. (though recovery is definetly slower than when I was 30). I hope to ride for many more years to come. Cheers!

  13. John in GJ Says:

    A belated Happy Birthday, Khal. You’re just half way to 120! So now you can put in a good attack and drop those 59 year olds (they’re so last decade!).

  14. md anderson Says:

    Happy B-day Khal. May the road rise up to greet you, but not while on your bike. One of these days we’ve got to meet for a ride.

    Now Patrick, you are on my shit list for posting that video. Can’t get the song outta my head. Who the fuck are those weirdos????

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