Game of chance

Mystery flats forced a tire change for the Soma Double Cross.

Mystery flats forced a tire change for the Soma Double Cross.

The forecast calls for a chance of rain and/or snow through Monday, and I beat the odds with today’s ride — a light drizzle began just as I hit the driveway.

Maybe it’s a good thing I swapped my tires out before I left. I had been running some portly 700×38 Schwalbe Little Bens on the Soma Double Cross, but the rear keeps going flat for no good reason. I’ve replaced tubes, checked the casing and the rim tape, you name it, and the sonofabitch still goes softer than Paul Ryan’s head when parked in the garage overnight.

Anyway, the DC now wears a frisky pair of 700×32 Panaracer Pasela TourGuards, and we’ll see tomorrow whether the garage gremlins treat the Japanese any better than they do the Germans.

Me, I’m being mistreated by allergies. Faugh. Our recent moisture is bringing all the neighborhood trees to hideous life. Look for pix of The House Back East®’s apricot tree in bloom here in a day or two as I gobble Claritin-D tabs like M&Ms.



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6 Responses to “Game of chance”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    I hate garage flats. I hate all flats. Most of my garage flats have been cause by glass shards embedded in the tire or cheap ass Bontrager tubes that lead at the base of the valve stem. I no longer buy them. I go to the wally world of bike shops for tubes, Performance, and that is all I buy there.

    The candy of preference here is Benedryl, but things are getting better since since all the trees here bloomed a month early, even the mesquites!

  2. Larry T. Says:

    Mystery flat tires? Never fun, but just when I get ready to burn an innertube offering to the gods, I find the problem. Obviously if you don’t have this problem anymore after swapping tire and tube, you’ve reduced it to two possible culprits. I’m lucky I guess, somehow got all my allergies (most of ’em anyway, except for the cat and dog sneezes, etc.) out of the way in my early years.

  3. veloben Says:

    Drug of choice here is decide adobe hydrochloride 180mg. One a day keeps the shnozz functioning as nature mostly intended. No negative side effects and cheap. When it’s really bad a spritz or two a day of triamcinolone acetonide or fluticasone (always say with an Italian accent) works. With these wonderful chemicals living with a Labrador is now possible.

    Getting the nose ported and polished a few years back helps.

  4. mountainhigh10200 Says:

    Kenda makes QBP’s tubes and they seem to be the same product. Don’t get the light weight ones and they seem to be reliable and take a patch well.

  5. Stevie Says:

    They could include discounts offered should you acquire through them a great touch.

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