Trails and travails

The Bianchi Zurigo Disc atop a descent leading to Bear Creek Terrace.

The Bianchi Zurigo Disc atop a descent leading to Bear Creek Terrace.

The three Ws — work, weather and writer’s block, overlaid with a thick coat of pollen — are conspiring against me this week.

I’ve accomplished a few small tasks, but the process has reminded me of being chased in slo-mo through a nightmare by something large and toothy. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it can be some days to corral 850 words that dollar up on the hoof, or scrawl a semi-funny cartoon. That Watterson fella is like the cops — never around when you need him.

I did manage to shoehorn one two-hour ride in between chores and thunderstorms. It was one of my patented weirdo cyclo-cross outings that took in bike paths, city streets, sandy single-track and lots and lots of hills.

I was full of albuterol and Claritin-D 12 Hour, so the time passed quickly, as it will. But the rain has been tough on the trails hereabouts, especially if you happen to be riding a cyclo-cross bike.

Still, it’s better than being on fire, or heading up the VA, or having your ass kicked by a Lipton Legionnaire.

I’ve not had a chance to follow up on the Old Guy kit, so bear with me. It’ll probably be next week before I have any definitive answers on cost, availability, online store, and what have you. Tomorrow, weather permitting, I plan to flog that Bianchi around some more. It’s wearing a set of 700×38 Continental Speed Rides now and is ever so much more comfortable to ride, even on Friday the 13th.


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9 Responses to “Trails and travails”

  1. Charley Says:

    You will get better! I’m going out at 6:30am and road riding two hours; coming back in almost hundred degree weather,and I’m totally wasted for the rest of the day. Age sucks!!!

  2. John Dallager Says:

    My sympathies POG! The pine pollen “coat of yellow” up here looks like a hotdog mustard squeeze gone awry.

    On a better note, several of the COS heretofore closed trails have been re-opened.

    And the “Urban Singletracks” effort in COS is looking for some volunteers this Saturday to help clean up the Santa Fe Trail from Tejon to America the Beautiful Park. They meet at Urban Steam coffee and will work from 9AM-11AM.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      John, the other day I was up on Crystal Hills Boulevard, above the new Adam’s Mountain Cafe, and a gust of wind blasted what a friend called “a pollen snowstorm” out of the trees. Next day I felt like one of my many enemies had finally succeeded in poisoning me.

      Alas, I can’t assist with the trail work — paid work must take precedence in these trying times. But I’ll be with you in spirit. It’s nice what’s been getting done with the trail south toward Fountain.

  3. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Allergies down here have been manageable. I am usually OK until the ragweed blooms. Hope yours calm down.

    Cantor? One cocky bozo down, 534 to go.

    Shinseki was one vet they sure didn’t care about. Why didn’t they give him a chance to fix it? Oh, that’s right, it’s an election year.

    Charley, I hear you bud. Seems when the temp and my age add up to over 155, the rides get shorter. But, that riding at 0600 or earlier is sweet. No traffic, no wind, and quiet.

    Maybe that ride tomorrow jump start the creative juices, Patrick. That aluminum frame isn’t rattling your brain, is it? If the ride doesn’t work, take two stouts and call me in the morning.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Oddly enough, Pat, that aluminum/carbon combo is quite comfortable. I may have to rethink my position on non-steel frames.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        Interesting. Perhaps it’s the way they can form the tube shapes now that makes the difference. My Trek Portland, a very similar bike, did not have hydro-formed tubes. While smoother than an older aluminum Cannondale I had, it had quite a ways to go to match the Soma ES ride quality.

      • weaksides (@weaksides) Says:

        My friend with the bike shop has been riding a Kona Jake the Snake for a few years now and loves it. His theory is fatter tires negate any aluminum harshness. Of course newer technology with aluminum should help as well.

  4. Larry T. Says:

    Hot now here in Italy too, though they say a cold front will arrive this weekend to cool things off. Looks like more suicidal moves by the Repuglicans over there in the US of A. I had to laugh at the bit about working against the prez more…..what’s left other than burning a cross on the White House lawn for these a-holes? I have a tough time understanding folks who say they want change, but vote for bozos who just go up to DeeCee and shout NO all day.

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