Eye yi yi

Mister Boo, full of drugs, naps on the couch. Kind of reminds me of my glory days, except nobody ever made me wear an e-collar.

Mister Boo, full of drugs, naps on the couch. Kind of reminds me of my glory days, except nobody ever made me wear an e-collar.

Speaking of vision issues (see the 2014 midterm elections), we learned last week that Mister Boo’s eyesight had finally deteriorated to the point of requiring surgery.

His bad eye had gotten really bad — couldn’t see a damn thing out of it, thanks to an old lens luxation, and it had begun causing him some discomfort, being subject to periodic corneal abrasions. His good eye, meanwhile, had sprouted a mature cataract. Both of these issues are fairly common in Japanese Chins.

So, we pulled the trigger on a two-fer, having the defunct right eye removed and the left lens replaced. Didn’t use none of that socialistic Mooslim com’niss ObummerCare, neither. We paid for it in good ol’ fiat currency, and plenty of it, too.

“He looks like he was in a bar fight,” the vet tech warned me before bringing Mister Boo out for pickup yesterday. No shit, and he lost it, too, I thought after seeing him for the first time.

Now the poor little fella gets to take eight medications throughout the day — four drops, two pills, one gel and a liquid — and faces several follow-up visits to the vet over the next month or so.

But his appetite is excellent, he’s taking in plenty of fluids, and while he’s down to one eye, it seems he can see out of it.

So we might not have to buy Mister Boo a white cane and a German shepherd for solstice. But an eyepatch and a parrot? Maybe. Arrr.


15 Responses to “Eye yi yi”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    He’s got better vision than a lot of folks do.

  2. Steve O Says:

    Reminds me of my grampa, Sailor Joe, who always complained he was blind in one eye, couldn’t see out of the other.

  3. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Just finished nursing Duffy through a back injury and two hot spots in the last month. Our little man looked funny with two baby socks, fastened with first aid tape, over his back paws. But it was that or the “cone of shame” to keep him from scratching. The back injury was caused by jumping up on a very slick coffee table in a hotel room. Legs splayed out and he fell between the table and sofa. Had him on tramadol for 3 days before we had to stop it due to loss of appetite. Turned him into Duffy the zombie dog.

    Here’s hoping the Boo Man makes a quick recovery and is soon doing the “chin spin” for a carrot stick. We do love the little buggers, don’t we?

    You know the difference between a terrier and a terrorist? You can negotiate with a terrorist.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      The Duffinator avoided the Cone of Shame, hey? His Booship has to wear one for three long weeks, poor little guy. Being down to one eye he definitely doesn’t need to be bringing his own brand of medicine to the party.

      He’s getting tramadol too. Really flatlines the little fella. And he hasn’t pooped since I brought him home. That first turd is liable to be a doozy. Hope we’re not dealing with the dread Yenshee Baby, famed in song and story among the smack-shooting crowd.

  4. sharon Says:

    Poor little guy. But it looks like he’s got good nurses! Too bad you can’t make him some homemade chicken noodle soup

  5. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Duffy had no output while on the tramadol, but he had very little input either. Some water and about 1/4 cup of chicken broth. But, if the Boo Man is eating, then shit should happen.

    Changing subjects for a moment, I am really enjoying this new (to me anyway) iTunes radio. Ordered an Apple TV gizmo which should be here tomorrow. Going to fire the cable TV since we don’t watch anything but PBS. Hook the Apple TV via HDMI to the surround receiver and have iTunes radio in the living room too. Rock the house man!

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      It takes a lot to kill the Boo’s appetite. In addition to the usual three squares per day he insists on treats with his medication. He’ll probably weigh as much as I do by the time his treatment is finished.

      Let us know how the Apple TV thing works out. I did our cable-free setup using a Mac Mini, which has proved serviceable if slightly cumbersome (a Mini is maxi compared with the Apple TV, both in price and in size).

    • Steve O Says:

      Cut out cable a couple of years ago, had a Mac mini so used that as a hub in lieu of getting A TV. But I’ve heard the A TV interface is pretty slick, worth the extra $99.

      PBS has their own TV app, right, that works as a stand-alone access port? What I mean is, you can get CBS et al via A TV, but you still need a cable account for it to work, or some such silliness, but the PBS is free for all, yeah?

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        Just installed the A TV yesterday afternoon. After signing it on to our wifi network, I went to the PBS icon. The A TV gives you an authorization code which you then use to create an account on the PBS website using it and your E mail address. It is free. Easy, and you get access to the same content as on your computer or tablet. Don’t know about live streaming local PBS station. Will let you know.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        We were fortunate in Bibleburg — the PBS affiliate had a good strong signal that we could pull in with rabbit ears.

        Well, “fortunate” is a relative term. Rocky Mountain PBS was god-awful, forever running one beg-a-thon after another, running crap shows when good and important stuff was going on, and invariably running anything really interesting late at night when its demographic was already in bed.

        We haven’t checked out NPR’s New Mexico operation yet, but I notice that the signal for everything else — cell phones especially — is on the feeble side here up against the Sandias. We may have to stream it through the iMac.

  6. Libby Says:

    I do hope Boo is doing much better today. Sounds like surgery will make his life much more comfortable. I just saw this post – I never received it yesterday. I read the next post “Ridge Lying” this morning on my iPhone and this post just now on my iPad. Apple hates my email provider.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      The Boo is doing a ton better, Libby; thanks for asking. Poor little dude was bound up for a couple of days, probably due to the anesthetic and/or antibiotics, but the floodgates burst yesterday on a short walk and he was suddenly considerably lighter. Another massive poo after this morning’s medication had him prancing around the joint like he’d invented peristalsis or something.

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