Spring has sprung?

Not even Super Vivid mode helps this morning.

Not even Super Vivid mode helps this morning.

The daffodils are enjoying this damp weather, which arrived a little late for this ex-tree.

The daffodils are enjoying this damp weather, which arrived a little late for this ex-tree.

This is the first day of spring? So where’s the sun?

Frankly, I’m stumped.


And yes, I know, nobody in his right mind living in a desert climate complains about rain. But right mind and I have not shared the same ZIP code for the better part of quite some time. And I have bicycles that are badly in need of riding.

The good news is, after today and tonight we’re looking at a stretch of sunny and 70s. The better news? We don’t live in New York City.


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15 Responses to “Spring has sprung?”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    Been raining on and off since yesterday here. You can hear the trees rejoicing.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Same thing here, K. The Boo had to take yesterday’s evening constitutional in a light drizzle. Oh, the caninity. As a consequence he smells distinctly doggish this morning.

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    The sun has finally popped out down here. We recieved a 1/2 inch of rain in the last 48 hours. I am ready for a warm, sunny weekend to get some miles in these old legs since the better half will be in Tucson taking a 3 day Navajo rug weaving class from two Navajo master weavers.

  3. md anderson Says:

    I’m hoping it’s washing the juniper pollen out of the air. I haven’t seen the trees so loaded with the orange stuff in years. Maybe it was the almost normal winter we had. Hope it means an abundant berry year as my husband has decided that one of his projects in his recent retirement is homemade gin. And we’re not talking the bathtub, blind-you-if-you-drink-it kind.

    I think its a good day for some gym and yoga.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Oh, man, the pollen. That’s been something. Woke up at 3 a.m. for a brisk nose-honking, but happily was able to doze off again.

      Gin, hey? Can’t say I was ever much of a gin man. Vodka was more my style when it came to clear beverages that were not water.

    • khal spencer Says:

      Pollen is brutal up here, too. Meena was walking the dogs in the back of the mesa the other day. Wind kicked up and she thought she saw a dust storm approaching, except it was yellow, and this ain’t the Yellow Sea. I’ve had a sinus headache since about 0200. Snot nice….

  4. Larry T. Says:

    And La Primavera is this Sunday! The REAL cycling season begins this weekend.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      No skiers at the finish of this one, OK? How’s the weather? I see anyone snowshoeing across the finish there will be consequences.

      • Larry T. Says:

        Forecast is for rain and clouds on the Lombardy plain with a mix of clouds and sun in Liguria – kinda perfect for La Primavera…I can still remember the first time we came up to the famous (sadly no longer used) single-lane tunnel, I knew I was on hallowed ground. Felt almost the same way last year when I was lucky enough to ride up there on a bike. I’ll be watching on TV this time but I’ll see the last of my five-monuments of cycling live-viewing challenge with L-B-L next month. Buona domenica!

  5. Ira Says:

    You say it’s spring? You’d never know it here in the Great White North. We’ve had more than 15 feet of snow since mid January without a thaw http://imgur.com/gallery/iPYLY . That’s not my photo, but just Google “PEI snow images” and you’ll see a lot more like it. 1/2 inch of rain? Temps in the low 70’s? I really don’t feel that bad for you. Ever have a winter like this in Ottawa O’G?

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Yow — 15 feet? No wonder they call the place “The Great White North.”

      I was a mere sprout when we lived in Ottawa (we left for Texas when I was 8), but I remember being able to build elaborate snow forts, a pasatiempo that was denied us during our five-year stint at Randolph AFB outside San Antone.

      I’m not as into snow forts these days. More of a sunny-beach sort of fellow.

  6. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Ten degrees above normal through Wednesday down here. Might touch 80 on Monday.

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