A day in the life

Descending on Trail 365 near the Embudo Dam.

Descending on Trail 365 near the Embudo Dam.

Every now and then, when I get a check in the mail, as I did yesterday, I wonder what I did to earn it. This thing of mine is not exactly ditch-digging, after all. Mostly it seems quite a bit like play.

But I kept track of yesterday’s chores, for some reason, and so here’s a look at a day in the life of a freelance cycling rumormonger.

• Wrote an 850-word column for Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, on the joys of being a one-car, 16-bicycle family.

• Drew and colored a cartoon about motors in the peloton, also for BRAIN.

• Did an hour or so of hills on the Elephant NFE, stopping periodically to shoot some GoPro footage for its video review, which will accompany its Adventure Cyclist print review, which is fighting for space in my skull with ongoing impressions of a Felt V100 and Opus Legato 1.0.

• Pulled the footage off the GoPro, dropped it into iMovie, and did a bit of planning/editing.

• Declined a couple days’ worth of copyediting, my least favorite chore.

• Reinstalled the porteur and low-rider racks on the Elephant, being extra careful to not clamp anything down on any cable housing anywhere.

• Did a little casual research on the Swift Industries and Revelate bags.

Like I said, not exactly ditch-digging. Still, I’ll take the money. And thanks.

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6 Responses to “A day in the life”

  1. doug moore Says:

    Sounds like your quite grateful for the joy your employment brings. Gratefulness will bring you karma and perhaps can relieve you of some car-ma, so good job to you sir. All us here in “comment land” enjoy the fact that at least someone is living our dream. Ride on!

  2. David Schweizer Says:

    There are a bunch of us standing around with checks and envelopes just waiting for you to find the time to call the nice folks at Voler and get those jerseys out…

    (Who, me? Relentless and annoying? Never heard that one before.)

  3. bromasi Says:

    We need jerseys, so everbody lets take a vote.

  4. Pat O'Brien Says:

    I wish I could write and edit well. Used to, long ago in a technical writing world far away. (And I can’t draw, or at least never tried it.) I do know writing well, especially blending technical, informative, and humurous language together, is hard work. I think they owe you a bonus.

    I’ll take two of the jerseys. Oy vey, I let my annoying self out again.

  5. Sharon Says:

    Gratitude and a positive outlook on life are essentials to genuine happiness…oh and riding as much as possible!

  6. Larry T. Says:

    You’re one of those “overnight success” stories that took only decades. I love it when someone says “Oh, you are so lucky” (not that I’m not, same for you) but ignore what we didn’t decide to do…the 2.5 kids, McMansion, overpriced German automobiles, boring-as-hell-job that pays well, etc. that prevents (usually) doing something you like so much you’d do it for free (and sometimes do) but manage to make a living at it.
    Your jersey idea is a good one – this from someone who hopes to get jerseys that somehow got shipped from the maker in Italy to the distributor in the USA instead of to us here in Italy. They’ve been hand-carried back here in someone’s luggage and I’m supposed to see ’em tomorrow.

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