Sartorial Sunday

The old Old Guy kit. My new jersey, as the fella says, is in the mail.

The old Old Guy kit. My new jersey, as the fella says, is in the mail.

Got your Old Guy jersey yet? Me neither. But then I screwed up and ordered a jersey plus some bibs that turned out to be out of stock, so mine didn’t ship until Saturday.

Give us a holler when your kit arrives and tell us whether it meets your expectations, and in particular whether it fits as intended. Include a pic if you dare. Don’t worry, we won’t show it to anyone. You can trust us. We’re in the media.

Meanwhile, that little race around Frogland is finally over and done with, which means that tomorrow I can wake up without fretting about how I’m going to be funny before coffee. Thanks to Other Pat for joining us at Live Update Guy during the Tour, and for offering up a couple of pint glasses to help us keep the Tip Jar filled.

It’s hard to believe, but the end of the Tour — for me, anyway — means that the year is on the big downhill slide. La Vuelta starts August 22, and three days after that wraps Interbike kicks off in Las Vegas. Then Bicycle Retailer and Industry News goes back to once-a-month publication, and before you know it, boom! Cyclocross season.

Better start running, y’all. It may be in the 90s now, but before you know it the snow will be flying.


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8 Responses to “Sartorial Sunday”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Voler says mine is in the mail. Should get it Tuesday, I will send a picture, and if your monitor doesn’t erupt in spark and smoke you may share it as you wish. Are you getting a day off soon?

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Great! I’m looking forward to seeing product in the customers’ hot little hands.

      I’m taking tomorrow off for sure. The headgear is in dire need of a vigorous flushing. Smells foul in there.

      But with no Live Update Guy to chew up my mornings I can get busy on some other chores. I have video to shoot and a review to write for Adventure Cyclist, there’s another BRAIN deadline on the 13th, and I need to make a trip to Colorado to check on The Old Home Place©.

      This rumormongery, I tell ya, it never ends. There’s always another rumor needs monging.

  2. doug moore Says:

    My first TDF via Live Update Guy. Loved it, I’ll be back next July!

  3. Debby in Crestone Says:

    It does seem like summer is running out when the Tour ends, even if we are having 99 degree heat. Having a bit of Tour Withdrawal here this morning.

    Thinking about ordering a V2 jersey even though I’m not a guy. But I am old and fat, so 2 out of 3 should qualify, no? And they are doing them in women’s jerseys. A women’s XL should be about right for me.

    Need to find a new job first though. My current employer lost a couple of big contracts and I’m looking at being unemployed in a month unless I find a new gig first. I have a couple of interviews this week, so there is hope.

  4. khal spencer Says:

    Got an email from Voler on Saturday saying the shirt is in the mail. Has not appeared yet.

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