Abbey Road, or Downton Funk

You can have any color you like as long as it's red.

You can have any color you like as long as it’s red.

Herself and I settled down before the Eye last night with plates of salad and chicken quesadillas to enjoy the president’s final State of the Union address, only to find that the local PBS affiliate was airing “Masterpiece.”


And worse, Limey commies, as the show was “Downton Abbey.”

So we switched to the White House website and caught most of Obama’s act, though the Mini spazzed out at the end, pre-empting him with The Spinning Beach Ball of Doom just as he cranked up the volume, and thus we missed the big denouement.

I enjoyed the departure from traditional practice, which has come to elevate ritual over substance. As the prez took the long view, it was particularly amusing to note the discomfiture of the clappers, who were mostly denied easy applause lines.

But I was surprised that he still seems surprised that the other team won’t play ball with him simply because he’s a Kenyan Mooslim National Socialist sissypants.

Still, I felt his pain. I’ve been preaching a gospel of equal parts socialism and substance abuse for years and not one of yis has opened a free-booze-and-bike-parts outlet.

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17 Responses to “Abbey Road, or Downton Funk”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    He was talking to himself, Joe, and maybe some of the executive department attendees. The 535 bozos, along with the supremes and other partisan guests, did the same ole, same ole, standing (along strict party lines) when it suited them or not at all, surfing with their cell phones, gazing at the ceiling, or otherwise spaced out. Pitiful. And after about 20 minutes, I decided to grab a bite and go to bed.

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    PS: It took a shower and another cup of coffee to catch on to the shop name in the photo. Duh.

  3. David Rees Says:

    He was indeed just talking to himself; no one cared before and they don’t care now. Charlie Pierce had the best idea – of course; he should have stood briefly before the group, told ’em all he had no more fucks to give and gone back down Penn Ave and back to work.

    It was a good speech, full of promises that hopefully will be kept. One great line he had – a nice slap in the face to the Repugs, was that the economic crisis wasn’t caused by people on food stamps. Well played sir.

    Oh, and Nikki Haley is a complete moron…

  4. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    I had the thing on network broadcast TV but soon switched to PBS when the dolts on ABC started going on about how afraid, very afraid we all are. Other than the Rethugs who IS afraid…and of what? The Prez did a good job refuting all of “the sky is falling” (I guess it’s now “the world is on fire”?) fear mongering these a-holes are using to gin up support for their fascist ideas, but as others have pointed out, the only ones listening already know these people are full-of-shit.
    I’m outta here tomorrow and won’t be back until the stretch-run of the presidential horse race. My dream is still Sanders vs Trump, but I fear it’ll be Clinton vs Rubio. Marco’s just a cuter version of Alfred E. Bush, with the same neocon team that gave him such great advice. I’ll really have to ramp up my efforts to move to Italy permanently if this clown gets the keys to the White House!!!

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Safe travels, Larry. Keep us up to date, especially as regards the culinary situation abroad. We’re always on the lookout for new recipes suited to the Irish skillset (one pot, boil, get hammered, forget to eat).

  5. khal spencer Says:

    It was a good speech. Barry shoulda quoted FDR about terrorism (“we have nothing to fear but fear itself”). Agree with David, though. At some point, he should have told the Congressional audience to take a flying **** and gone and had a beer.

    Mark Follman posted a tweet showing that all Paul Ryan did was tweet away snide comments. Sorta figures.

  6. bromasi Says:

    I wonder did Paul Ryan wash his hands after sitting on them for the whole speech.

  7. Jon Paulos Says:

    I think I’m getting like the 20-year-old set, getting my news from other sources. I missed the SOTU address last night, but did pick up the Borowitz Report on it.

    if you want to check it out. I think it captured the mood well.

    I applaud The Donald running, and hope he gets the nomination. It will hasten the day that the Republican Party ceases to be a force in politics. The strategy they have adopted for some time, simply opposing everything from the other party, has rendered them incapable of governing. And governing is what we elect our elected leaders to do. Bush 41 and I may have had little common ground, but at least he tried to govern.

    As for the furry set, how are the Turk’s teeth? I had my teeth cleaned yesterday and was thinking about him as they scraped away.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      El Turko has recovered nicely. We had to give him antibiotics and pain meds for a few days (and yes, that was fun, thanks for asking). He’s on soft food for another week. But right now he’s enjoying the traditional power nap, in the sunshine, in our bed.

  8. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    Is it just me or is Paul Ryan just a stretch version of TV’s Eddie Munster?

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