February made me shiver

It was a dark and stormy ... morning?

It was a dark and stormy … morning?

I was burrowed deep under the covers and Herself was in the bathroom, getting ready for work and making noises about breakfast.

When I mumbled that she had not yet sung the “Please Get Up and Make Me An English Muffin” song, she replied with something about a beating, and so up I got. She’s small but fierce and a dick-punch before coffee always gets the day off to a rough start.

After being properly muffined, Herself bustled off to the Death Star. Me, I got the trash and recycle bins to the curb and was back inside before the snow started blowing around and about, announcing February’s triumphant debut in the Duke City.

Doesn’t look like we’ll get much in the way of snow, but it’s going to be chilly for a few days, and the knee warmers I was wearing on yesterday’s ride will go right back into the drawer. Uniform of the day will be tights, long-sleeved tops (two), tuque, gloves, wool socks and running shoes. Hep, hoop, hreep, horp. …

Evil weather is forecast in Iowa, too, where The Des Moines Register is covering the mortal shit out of the caucuses. So, too, is Charles P. Pierce.

Maybe Larry can enlighten us as to why Iowa enjoys this outsize influence on our political process every four years. I spent a lot of summers in Sioux City, and one in Iowa Falls, and I consider the state to be about as representative of America as a whole as a nursing home in the Pecker Woods of North Dakota.

Still, it should be amusing. If Iowa sends a few rats over the side of the GOP’s listing cruise ship, I’ll consider it a net positive.

Editor’s note: Oh, yeah, and some asshole brought a motorized bike to cyclo-cross worlds. Naturally, it is Someone Else’s Fault®, as per usual. Jesus wept. I am so over bicycle racing.

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12 Responses to “February made me shiver”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Your morning is like ours. Temp dropped 10 degrees in 30 minutes, and it started snowing at 0745. Still snowing but not sticking on roads. Windy too. Took Duffy out for a walk, and he said, “you expect me to shit in this weather?”
    “Mechanical doping” is not a phrase I can get my head around. Cheating with a motor describes it. “It’s not my bike and I didn’t ride it in the race”, she says. Just like her brother said, “those aren’t my syringes.”
    The caucuses have a 20% or lower voter turnout. More like a prom king or queen contests. And the only sane voters in the state are in Sicily. If it smells like bullshit, it is, but I hope Bernie wins. Entitled Billary needs a little humility lesson.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      If the weather sucks in corn country it will be all about who’s got the best GOTV team in place. I think that gives m’man Bernie a little edge.

      And yeah, “mechanical doping” is just the sort of dumbass phrase you expect a bureaucracy to devise.

  2. JD Dallager Says:

    Per Charles Pierce, the media interviewing the media. Sounds like a self-licking ice cream cone to me…….or maybe a perpetual motion machine (that supposedly defies the laws of physics); but I have to remember that, atleast in my view, more and more frequently sports, the media, and politicians fall under the business sector called entertainment.

    6 inches of snow so far in the Bibleburg area, with another 10-14 forecast.

    Viva El Nino!!

  3. tj Says:

    So now if I get chicked on a ride, can I sooth my ego with the notion I might have been just Femke’d?

  4. khal spencer Says:

    Glad I got a ride in yesterday. Completely socked in with snow, ice, and nasty wind today. Could barely get to work in the 4×4 due to all the idiots without snow tires. First a school bus got stuck on our street and it finally took a running start to the uphill intersection. Nearly t-boned a Subaru in the process but it made it. Then someone in a small front wheel drive car spun out in front of me by braking in a snowpacked curve. Yeech.

  5. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    As you may have seen here http://cycleitalia.blogspot.it/2016/01/sunday-in-sicily.html the weather’s pretty nice over here, same with this AM.
    Funny thing that Iowa caucusing. When we first moved there I was excited to participate, going all-in for Howard Dean (a lot like Bernie Sanders in many ways) and becoming precinct captain for the Dean Campaign. Drove folks to the caucus (presumably to stand for Dean, natch) and everything only to find out it’s like high-school. One lady I drove down there decided she wanted to be with some “cool kids” and stood for Kerry!!! After yours truly drove her down there! Luckily she found a ride back with them so I didn’t get to leave her out in the snow. Soon after the establishment Doncs put the knife in Dean’s back (like they will do with Sanders) and it was all over. I was done with that s__t forever!
    Iowans have a real mediocrity thing going in addition to being one of the whitest states in the Union. It’s rare anyone pays any attention to them so at caucus time they get excited and start to think their opinions matter, unlike 99% of the time where they’re just happy to not be the worst, but pretty uninterested in trying to be the best. The other strange thing is the xenophobia – I can’t figure out if people live there because they’re afraid of the outside world or vice-versa…but for them a strange, exotic place is……Colorado.
    With some luck the wife will call time on her college obligations there soon and we can move over here full time and forget about ’em.

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