Hot town, summer in Duke City

It was a wee bit hazy with a scent of smoke in the air as Mister Boo enjoyed his promenade this morning.

It was a wee bit hazy with a scent of smoke in the air as Mister Boo enjoyed his promenade this morning.

Smokin’ hot in the Duke City this morning, and for the immediate future as well.

We have a nice little fire cooking away down southeast of here, and a couple others elsewhere. The smell of a forest burning revives a memory of our storied Bibleburg days and provides a preview of my anticipated afterlife.

Taking a few hot laps around the Elena Gallegos Open Space on the Jones 29er.

Taking a few hot laps around the Elena Gallegos Open Space on the Jones 29er.

The heat is tough on the turf, which is slightly scorched due to someone not noticing that a sprinkler head had gone sideways. (Thanks, Obama!)

And it’s no party for the pets, all three of whom have whiled away the day sleeping. Mister Boo is barely interested in his meals, which ordinarily would be a sign of the Apocalypse but in this case indicates that it’s just too bloody hot to eat.

Or cook, for that matter. Last night Herself and I dined on a hunk of smoked salmon, sharp cheddar, crackers and a big-ass salad (note the crucial hyphen there; a big ass salad would be something else entirely).

Tonight I think it’s gonna be some hot Italian sausage, onions and peppers, a tomatoey, garlicky thing, perhaps over orecchiette, a pasta I’m really starting to appreciate.

Elsewhere The Stupid is swelling like a boil on the buttocks of the body politic. Sen. John McInsane (R-Off My Lawn) is spastically trying to walk back a brain-dead crack he made about Obama’s responsibility for the massacre in Orlando (time for your meds, some soup and a nice nap, Johnny me boyo). And Rumor Control hints that Cheeto Jesus may be less interested in the presidency than in his own cable network.

Seriously? We’ve all watched the GOP sawing feebly away at its skinny wrists with a butter knife for eight long years. Suddenly Ronald McDonald McTrump accelerates the process with a “Game of Thrones” flourish that leaves 16 heads rolling in the aisles, and all he wants for his trouble is a fucking job in TV?

Well, son, that’s one hell of an opening act. But what d’ye do for an encore?

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13 Responses to “Hot town, summer in Duke City”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    We would be better off with this guy.

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    You guys already know who I think should be president. But, it irks him so much, I won’t mention his name.
    Hot here too, but no smoke. Thanks Obama. McLame is worried his senate days are numbered. It’s just pitiful when any man doesn’t know when to hang up his cleats.
    But, if you like Cool Runnings, try Eddie the Eagle.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      The only thing I can run is my mouth. And occasionally, a skillet.

      Tonight I wish we’d gone with a cold supper. Lord, did it get steamy in the kitchen. Any hotter and I’d have thought we had arrived at Der Trumpenführer’s final destination.

  3. JD Dallager Says:

    PO’G: Smoke-filled air here today in Bibleburg…..and high temps too. Thanks to a Ft Carson fire and your New Mexico fire contributions. Who said **** doesn’t flow uphill?

    Pat: My understanding is that McCain is fighting for his political life this go-around. So too are several other R incumbents I would suspect. Enjoyed some of the filibuster and other theatrics re Congressional “inaction” and lack of leadership. But……it’s an election year.

    As an aside, my bride and I learned of the summer dry heat in S Arizona some fifty years ago as we drove into Tucson in August for some F-4 flight training at DMAFB. The sun crested the eastern mountains at 0500 and the temp quickly rose to 108. Fortunately, as they say, it was a dry heat……felt more like a desiccator inferno to me.

    PO’G: Hope you, Herself, and The Menagerie enjoy the Duke City summer and……looks like some pretty tan legs there in the photo! 🙂

    Cheers to all!

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      You guys are in the oven up there, too. I guess there are controlled burns all over the place adding to the smoke from New Mexico and Arizona. It likes to collect there, at the foot of Pikes Peak, and up Weirdcliffe way, too.

      But nothing compares to Southern Arizona. Man, you think my legs are tan now, you should have seen ’em when I lived in Tucson. Worked nights at The Arizona Daily Star and lazed away my days at the University of Arizona pool, slobbering over the coeds, who inspected me the way one might a booger on a finger.

      And whaddaya know? Here I am at The Arizona Daily Star, back in 1980, when I had hair in places other than my ears, nose and back. Photo: Alan Berner, The Arizona Daily Star

      • khal spencer Says:

        1980. Holy shit. If I found a pic of me from that era, I would regret it.

      • Libby Says:

        It looks like Hunter S Thompson just goosed you.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        I must’ve just gotten my performance evaluation. The dudes running the copy desk were insane assholes, and I beat it out of there as fast as I could.

      • carl b duellman jr Says:

        man, i wanted hair like that back in the day. instead it grew out instead of long. of course all the old ladies loved it but that wasn’t the kind of attention i was looking for then.

    • Pat O'Brien Says:

      McCain is worried about his primary opposition, a Arizona Senator, and also a MD, name Kelli Ward. She is getting traction. He is already running the attack propaganda on her.
      F4 Phantom? I remember watching them take off from Tan Son Nhut Airbase one afternoon (December 1970) while waiting for my flight back to the world. Seemed to me as soon as the wheels were up, they went into an almost vertical climb.
      It’s dry in an oven too, but the bread still bakes. Tucson forecasted at 113 on Sunday, with us at a balmy 106!
      Patrick, you have the “deer in the headlights” look in that photo. But, I would still vote for you for Prez.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        I loved watching planes when we lived on Randolph AFB. They had ’em all down there. I dug “modern” aircraft like the F-104, T-38 and the B-58; don’t remember if they were all active on the base during 1962-67, but I always liked the look of ’em.

        But nothing compared to the P-51. That thing looked like a sports car with wings. Armed Forces Day on RAFB was something for a pilot’s kid whose whole experience with war was limited to the movies.

        As regards the deer-face, I’m prone to mugging at the camera. Always hated having my picture taken. Thus the whole selfie craze eludes me.

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