Trail blazing

The Paseo del Bosque makes a nice change from riding Tramway.

The Paseo del Bosque makes a nice change from riding Tramway.

Summer has announced itself with some authority here in the Duke City.

The temperature was in the 70s at El Rancho Pendejo before I finished my morning java, and hit the 80s before I left for the daily ride at 9-ish.

This little fella was trying to make the irrigation ditch before some earbudded triathlete did him in.

This little fella was trying to make the irrigation ditch before some earbudded triathlete did him in.

Too late, you say? Yep. ‘Cause I was enjoying 90-something in hour three of today’s little outing, which took me down to the Paseo del Bosque Trail, through downtown, and then home via the North Diversion Channel and Bear Canyon Arroyo trails.

It was an eventful day. I saw bison grazing on Sandia land along Tramway; a small tortoise trying to cross the bosque trail (I gave him a hand); ducks paddling underneath the Interstate 40 bridge over the Rio; and a dude on a skateboard pushing a canoe on wheels.

I am not making that last part up.

“Interesting way to get around,” sez I.

“Hey, it works,” sez he. And so it did.

I should’ve snapped a picture, because I’m not entirely sure I actually saw it. It was hot out there.

• Addendum: I’m not sure I saw this either. I can’t wait to hear the good constitutionalists out there screeching about activist judges (cue the crickets).

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25 Responses to “Trail blazing”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    Hit a record 102 in Fanta Se yesterday. I think it was in the eighties when I headed up Camp May Road on Sunday morning. Was sweating buckets and went through two Family Size water bottles of gatorade in a 20 mile ride, albeit part of that up an 8% grade.

    Interesting thing happened on the way down that 8% grade. Rear tire blowout. Made for an interesting way to slowly stop from 45 mph.

    I took things apart to put in a new tube and was looking to figure out how the thing blew up. First I thought it was a fatigued valve stem, but no, a hole in the inside of the tube.

    Turns out whoever put the wheel together put the ends of the rim strip right over a spoke hole, with no overlap. So it probably was not me. Over the years the ends separated and the inner tube bulged into the sharpened spoke hole. On the way down, Bam!

    Little things matter….

  2. Sharon Says:

    Sounds a bit warm but also wonderful Patrick. Summer has reared its ugly head here in Texas as well. All rides now start at 7:30 am to avoid as much of the heat as possible. I am gearing up for a 3-week ride from Seattle to Glacier National Park leaving Seattle on July 6. Returning to Seattle via Amtrak Sleeper car. So ready for the cooler temps. And I think I’m ready for all the climbing! Very excited to give it a go with the Co-Motion I got last year.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Sharon, I have to start getting out earlier. But I’m not a ball o’ fire in the morning. I must have coffee, and a bite, plus the news, and then The Boo needs a walk while it’s still coolish, and … well, you get the idea.

      That ride sounds like a fun one. What’s your route? Man, I need me a tour the way Der Trumpenführer needs a good hosing down with a Super Soaker full of lithium.

  3. Pat O'Brien Says:

    109 in the shade on the back patio yesterday. Many record high temps set in Arizona yesterday.
    Did the tortoise pee on you when you picked him up? They do that as a defense some times.
    I really, really need to ride that Paseo del Bosque. Went to the dentist for the first appointment of a double crowning ceremony. He’s a mountain biker, so I probably just made the down payment on his new Lynskey or Ericksen.
    Moving and closing is a done deal. Whew! Now to start getting estimates for work around the new joint. Like you say Patrick, “will I ever be smart?”

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      That’s just ugly hot, Pat. No wonder you ride before God gets up.

      I just sort of shooed the little tortoise along, the way I do The Boo to avoid getting piddled on. By the tortoise, not The Boo.

      What all needs doing at the new shack? We got right after that the instant we bought this place, too. My riding suffered dreadfully as a consequence. I’m still trying to train my way back from that.

  4. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Well, the sliding patio door needs to be replaced with a quality one that include a Duffy door. Little guy has to ask to go outside right. He says that just isn’t right, and it’s not what he signed up for in the “Pets for The Elderly” contract.
    The blinds are also cheap and Trumpster the Dumpster ugly. Need new ones.
    The steel screen security door on the front of the joint looks like I installed it. Needs some professional attention after which I can caulk and paint everything. That I can handle.
    But, I did ride yesterday into Brown Canyon. Started at 0530. And then went to the AFP in the afternoon to see Michael Grande play, again. Interesting guy who rode the RAAM once. Damn fine guitar player, and he plays an Ovation like Marv did.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Ah, the joys of home ownership. We still need to take care of a few items around here, but veterinary medicine has put those plans on hold. The Boo’s bladder surgery and dental work on the cats dollared up on the hoof right smart, lemme tell you.

  5. Sharon Says:

    It looks like the Route is through Stevens Pass, US 97, Hwy 20, , US 395, US 2, US 95, Going to the Sun and East Glacier. I have it all on my brand new, trusty Garmin 1000. So will also be able to check cadence, elevation, grade, speed and heartbeats every step of the way. I’ve always thought that might be too much information, but will need something to do while I’m climbing at 10 mph. Going with a group of about 18 others. All hotels – what can I say, I’m older and no longer like to sweat and then camp.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Ooo, new Garmin. Haven’t tried one yet. All my heart rate monitors are defunct and I’ve been getting by with cheapo Cateyes, mostly the Velo 8 and 7. They don’t give me much bad news beyond current/average speed, which is bad enough.

      Sounds like you’ll be doing a lot of climbing. I seem to have misplaced my mountain legs, which is not a good thing when most rides conclude with something like 800 feet of elevation gain.

      Also, hotels are our friend, especially at the end of a hilly day. Showers, clean sheets, complimentary breakfasts … what’s not to like?

  6. mooremediaone Says:

    107 degrees in the LA Foothills today. Instead of riding all the way to the office, I could only handle riding to the bus stop. And that felt like riding through an oven.

    Even had a few good puffs of brush fire smoke for a little twist. Thank goodness for the robust A/C on the Metro Downtown Express.

    Tomorrow should be better. It’ll only reach 94.

    ~Doug Moore

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Gah. We’ve only cracked the century mark once, down at the airport (which is stupid, ’cause I don’t know anyone who lives at the airport*). We’ll get there, though. There’s a high-pressure system camped right over us, in no hurry to leave. The Boo hates it, being a cold-weather canine. Poor little guy sleeps a lot, hoping to wake up to a nice winter morning.

      No smoke smell lately, though, which is nice, considering how many fires we have going in the neighborhood.

      * courtesy Al Sleet, as portrayed by G. Carlin, Esq.

  7. Libby Says:

    If you see the canoe guy again take a picture. I want to show my niece who spent 6 summers in a canoe including portaging it on her head.
    Keep cool, Patrick.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      He was having a high old time, Libby. And I gotta admit, being on the water seemed like a pretty good idea, especially once I got to the point where it was time to start climbing that long road back to the rancho.

  8. Hurben Says:

    Midwinter down here in Auckland, unbelievably savage! I even had to put.on.a.jersey .this.morning!

    How in God’s name are we expected to survive in these extremes..

  9. John ONeill Says:

    I can’t ride it’s too cold. I can’t ride it’s too hot!
    Why can’t it be 65-75 F. Why back in my day ……..

  10. Hurben Says:

    Well done POG,

    some Kosmic Karma earned for the tortoise.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I’m following the lead of former pro and top cyclo-crosser Tim Johnson, a notorious turtle wrangler. He’s always posting pics on Twitter of the hard-shelled little pals he’s moved off various roadways.

  11. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Meanwhile, in the UK, you can have a pint after you vote in a polling station in a pub, the press are restricted on what they can report while the polls are open, and a record number of voters are registered for this referendum. Maybe we should adopt these rules, at least the first two. I mean you can carry a concealed weapon into a bar in many states. What harm could there be in having a pint before you vote? Besides, it might make one relaxed enough to take the clothes pin off one’s nose.

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