Rest day

The Irish should not be entrusted with any technology more advanced than the hoe and wheelbarrow.

The Irish should not be entrusted with any technology more advanced than the hoe and wheelbarrow.

Looks like I picked a good day to ignore the news in favor of fiddling with the dark corners of GarageBand (yeah, take cover, you might have to endure another podcast before much longer).

The homepage of The New York Times looks like the mounts of all Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse shat on it in a driving rain, which oddly enough is what we’re experiencing at the moment here in Duke City. The rain, not the horseshit, though that can be had aplenty too, if I am not otherwise occupied, which I am.

Even Charles P. Pierce is starting to make me nervous. When the headline is “Saddened, Angry, Sickened, Defeated,” it’s a solid tip that the guffaws will be few and far between.

Me, I’m just glad I don’t have any pressing deadlines. It was tough to bring the funny for the final Bicycle Retailer of 2016, and while delving into the mysteries of GarageBand is giving me a headache, it is in a largely unused corner of what remains of my brain.


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16 Responses to “Rest day”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Breitbart/Bannon are disgusting. Trump is a baby…those naughty theatre actors are just so mean. It’s just not fair. Oh and by the way, he settled Trump University case for $25 million – a case he said during the election that he would never settle because it was without merit. Hmmm. But nothing to see when he talked to the President of Argentina to say hi where he just happens to have pending business interests that have stalled.

  2. Mike Frye Says:

    All we need to do is not create any more aircraft carriers for the next four years and the problem is solved. I’m not even talking about the the 15 we already have.

    I still have my I like Ike button and it still works.

  3. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Every day is a good day to skip the news. I had the same response to that story that Mr. Pierce did. Larry’s wife is still right. Anyone who expected Trump, or Clinton if it had gone that way, to give a shit about the average person was pissing in the wind. Not to worry though, the Dow Jones might hit 19,000 tomorrow. Facebook is making big money. And you can get less than 1% on a savings account or CD. I tried to call my congressional reps, but they were in the call center across the street raising money for 2018. Can’t talk to me unless I have an extra $1K or so to send their way. Things are just swell.

    I gave up on the new Garageband when the new iteration dropped the “Magic Garage Band” feature for beginners.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Jeez, it used to be such a simple, friendly application. No mas, no mas, hombre. I also have Sound Studio and Audacity and may head down one of those roads. It’s appalling the way Apple has buried simple stuff deep in the bowels of this monstrosity. Makes an audio ignoramus like me feel like an amateur proctologist with one lazy eye and a short arm.

      The news. Oy, the news. The masks are all coming off and the knives are coming out.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        Yep. Apple needs to remember that they became popular for so many people because they were more an appliance than a computer. Easy to use. Plug it in, follow a few prompts in English, and away you go.
        Speaking of easy to use, I am ditching the surround sound system and going back to simple stereo for music, Apple TV, and movies. Ordered two new Polk speakers and a Yamaha receiver with Airplay. Going to connect the receiver and the Apple TV to the Airport Extreme router with ethernet cables. Should speed up the internet connection for the Apple TV, compared to wifi, and allows all Apple devices in the house to use the receiver for Airplay. In selecting receivers, and looking at the new TV and Apple TV offerings, I learned that analog stereo output connections are becoming obsolete. HDMI, digital coax, or digital optical are becoming the norm.

  4. Herb Clevenger Says:

    Tech-no-logical indeed. In the pursuit of bells and whistles for their software, developers never seem to beta test things with Joe Average users. Long ago in a world far away I owned and used the hell out of a Flip Digicam. While my fellow adventurers kept promising to share their cool videos “when they had time to process” I already had HD video posted on commercial websites. We had two of them and while the sound was horrible, you could dub some tunes and create your masterpiece since as they say, a picture is worth …. The Flip on board software was so simple that it only took minutes, not hours to get an acceptable clip made.
    Too bad Cisco killed off the Flip. Although I own a butt-ton of gizmos I stopped making video after they folded the tent.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      The Flip! Man, that was a cool little camcorder. I had two, an early version and the UltraHD model, and both worked like champs for the time, and for what they were.

      The integrated USB connector was great — no need to fetch dongles or adapters around — and a three-toed sloth with a closed head injury could learn how to operate the thing in about 10 seconds. My Sony digital audio recorder has the same pop-out USB connector, and it’s much appreciated when I’m on the road, hauling a metric shit-ton of this, that and the other.

      I still have my Flip HD. It boots, but the battery has pretty much had the schnitz.

      An iPhone makes an acceptable substitute, and the new Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 and GoPro HERO 5 Black are great, even if you don’t want to dive too deeply into the menus. But they’re pricey, battery life is non-awesome, and they’re just not as user-friendly.

      Flip did some nice aftermarket gizmos too. I still use a Flip tripod. It’s adjustable in about a zillion different directions and can be used in traditional tripod fashion or Velcro’d to stuff, like road signs or trees.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports that Apple has disbanded its division that develops wireless routers after shitcanning its display line earlier. Dan Moren at Six Colors has a sadz.

      Writes Dan:

      (W)hile I understand the need to focus and slim down, it also seems like Apple may have slimmed just a weeeee bit too much at present. It’s not as if the iPad or most of the Mac line has seen an update recently either. So what exactly is the company working on? (Besides books, anyway.)

      Good question.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        I noticed you had to look on the Apple website to find Airport routers. They are listed under the Mac menu two levels down as network accessories. That usually means that product in on the way out. At least it did for the iPod Touch. Oy. My Airport Extreme is going on 7 years old. I might replace it, or just use my 2 year old Airport Express as the main router. The iPads have seen recent updates with the Pro model, more Retina displays, Apple Pencil, and smart keyboard so I don’t agree with Dan there.

  5. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    The Rethugs are great at getting folks to vote and act against their own self-interest and for the greedy pricks who bankroll Rethug candidates/ I’ll never forget hearing first-hand here in Iowa chants of “Keep your gummint hands off my Medicare”. You know what my wife says…

  6. Hurben Says:

    I am reminded of a wonderful Triumph motorcycle review that I read in the 70s.

    The reviewer’s summing up was that given the oil leaks, the British should not be trusted with anything more viscous than window putty

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