Back to business

The Turk contemplates the New World Ordure.

The Turk contemplates the New World Ordure.

Thanks to one and all for minding the store in my absence. Turns out I needed more than a day off, so I took the weekend.

Herself’s friend Leslie popped round from Colorado and the two of them joined the women’s march in Santa Fe (sorry they missed you, Khal and Meena).

Me, I stayed home, with The New York Times, NPR, The Washington Post, Albuquerque Journal, Twitter, Mother Jones, The Nation, Charles P. Pierce and the blog all held in abeyance.

I listened to a lot of music — Bob Dylan, Steve Earle, Miles Davis, Mozart, Bach and Beethoven — sat zazen, went for a run, read some poetry and a bit of E.B. White, oversaw the menagerie, scribbled a bit of paying copy.

More later as I ease back into the routine.


5 Responses to “Back to business”

  1. Charley Auer Says:

    You are a Smart man!

  2. JD Dallager Says:

    Aaaaah….you are truly a Renaissance Man, PO’G…….good on ya!

    PS: I think The Turk has a firm grip on what’s really important in life!! 🙂

  3. khal spencer Says:

    Its grim right now. Gawd durn it.

  4. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Good for Herself, her friend, Khal and Meena! I to stayed home and away from media on Friday. Staying home was easy since we had rain, sleet, and winds gusting to 50mph. My little house was the target of a tumbleweed assault from the wash close by. I listened to Keb Mo, Bonnie Raitt, Tony Bennet and K. D. Lang duets, and Huey Lewis and The News. I watched “The Intern.” Snuck a ride in this morning before the next storm hits.

    I missed this piece in the NYT last November, and it makes amplifies Khal’s comment above. Grim indeed. But, the lawsuits on the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause have started.

  5. veloben Says:

    Welcome back. Aah Friday, a day spent working on bikes for fun and a tiny tiny profit. Fun I have nice normal hands but little cash. But then I’m not a miserable deeply narcissistic grump either.

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