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OK, folks, you have the run of the ranch in comments. Let’s hear your thoughts about how We the People move forward (or sideways, diagonally, or whatever; any direction save retreat). I’ll see you tomorrow.


37 Responses to “The People’s Blog”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Will be out riding today. Long ride, leaving in about an hour. No better way to pass through a difficult day. Have my fingers crossed, the world will still be intact when I arrive back home. Then we shall have enchiladas and grapefruit Margaritas while listening to some Grateful Dead, CCR, Van Morrison, etc.

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

  3. debby511 Says:

    I’d go to NZ and not come back but I’m too old to get in except on a tourist visa. I may still go. I have a lot of crap to get rid of first though. I don’t think there is much hope for the USA, to be honest. Dark times ahead.

    • Hurben Says:

      Hi Ya Debby,

      NZ is the greatest country on earth.

      It welcomed me when I decided that I’d had enough of going into combat for a corrupt ideology.

      Just don’t tell everyone

  4. Charley Auer Says:

    Still depressed and scared of what may happen to our Country and citizens! You can’t guess what a crazy person does next!

  5. Mike Frye Says:

    Dave might have the right idea

  6. khal spencer Says:

    Actually going to go to a march tomorrow in Fanta Sea. Other than that, radio silence too.

  7. larry brown Says:

    I raise my middle finger to the blonde turd and go for a bicycle ride.

  8. David Rees Says:

    Trying not to sound like the perpetually “glass half empty” guy, but I honestly don’t see a way to move forward with this. It’s a giant cluster of fuck, as Charlie would say, and will remain so for the next four years. This clown will clamp down and gut EVERYTHING that displeases him, which is nearly everything that made this democracy what it is. Marches are fine, protests are fine, but ultimately they will be completely fruitless and will achieve nothing. In fact, he will almost certainly make sure that they don’t happen at all. There is nothing, and no one to stop him. I am very, very lucky I don’t have children or any family that will suffer at his hands. If this cabal of thieves and grifters can somehow keep their grubby mitts off my Social Security money and let me have the Medicare I’m on, I’ll get my ass to Italy for three months at a time, stay on the bike, drink good wine, keep up with good friends and try to pretend it will all be over soon.

    • larryatcycleitalia Says:

      Yep. I wonder what the Tangerine Trash Can Fire’s immigration wet-dreams might do to the rest of the world. Will other countries start looking sideways at US passport holders who want to visit (or live) outside the USA? The Italians recently raised the income requirements to qualify for retirement there and I’m kinda scared of what the consulate might say next time I visit them to ask for a visa. Meanwhile I can only hope the Democrats and the adult Republicans (the few that remain) can restrain this guy from really f__king things up as much as he’s claimed he will.

  9. Mike Frye Says:

    What you guys waiting for? A fire in the Congress then Trump to take over the presidency for life?

    Adolf Hitler was the leader of the German National Socialist Party. isn’t that what you guys are hoping for? For the state to come in and control? Because obviously bureaucrats do a much better job than average folks right?

  10. veloben Says:

    Maybe tomorrow, after marching the Chicago Women’s March, I’ll have something cogent to say. For now my hope is he will stop being a useful idiot for the Turtle and Ryan and get impeached.

    How much damage is too much for the robber barons? I just hope we are ready to rebuild the country once again.

  11. larry brown Says:

    TCM just showed “lonesome Rhodes 1957 movie, it’s happening right now in 2017, holey shit!

  12. Chris Ford Says:

    I’m Canadian, lived in Southern Alberta since my parents decided SoCal was not for them in 1956 or so, and returned to the Great White North. I think I now know how a liberal Austrian felt watching events in Germany in 1933. Irony: I am watching the national news, specifically an item about a huge increase in inquiries by US citizens about Canadian real estate – and at the same time, I am checking out real estate in New Zealand and hoping I can convince my daughter and son-in-law that moving there real soon would be great for our granddaughter. I suspect, American types, that running away to Canada is not going to be far enough. In fact, it will not surprise me a bit to find in coming weeks that your new Great Leader uses Canada as a demo punching bag to show the rest of the world how unpredictable and vicious he can be. That’s how bullies rock, isn’t it?

  13. Mike Frye Says:

    Larry: I liked “Lonesome Roade” I saw that in My Flim and Politics class going to Portland State back in 2008. It is kind of hard hard to see Andy Griffith as the bad guy, But he did meet his fate in the end.

    As for “Robber Barons” what happend is that they were actually producing things. They produced products like steel or lomotive lines or cars and they hired the proletariat to actually build the stuff and in doing so actually produced wealth, without having to take it from anybody else. It was Hillary and her husband that signed the trade deals with China that basically gutted our manufacturing base.

    Donald Trump was rich to start with. Granted his dad did give him $1 million, that he took that and invested it in things that he built. okay so he may only be worth $600 million and not a billion,but a 600 time multiplication is not a bad way to go 30 years. I don’t actually care for any of the buildings he’s built but that’s kind of a matter of taste (and he doesn’t have any)

    • Pat O'Brien Says:

      Good morning Mike. You forgot the $40 million inheritance he got from his father’s estate in 1974. I think there are many people who could have taken $41 million and in 43 years ended up with $2.9 billion, which is the latest estimate of his net worth after deducting about $350 million of debt, $200 million of which is owed to Deutsche Bank, who are in serious financial hot water. And without a tax return, we really don’t know what he has or what he owes. And much of his current income, after his businesses fail time after time, is licensing his name out. You know, like a Kardashian. So, the claim he is a whiz bang business genius is a little thin. Damn, he is a good salesman though.
      His character and behavior is the issue here, not how rich he is. And in that area he stinks, just like Hilliary, and most of Congress. But, I think he is the worst of the lot. So, what do I expect? Four more years of the same ole, same ole. National debt will climb, the budget will not get managed, middle East low scale wars will continue, fossil fuel producers and states, like Russia, will continue to profit at the cost of the environment, the wealth divide will grow larger, and Trump will do what he does best, keep looking good and desperately trying to become a bonafide, old money member of the 0.1% club.
      We had a saying about leaders in the military when I was involved with the Army for over 30 years, much of that as a civil service bureaucrat. They are either mission first, career second or the reverse. Trump is a career first guy. His actions, behavior, and words over the years prove it. The citizens and nation will come up second every time his veneer is threatened. Besides, how much work can he do in a typical day? Ass hat spends at least two hours every morning in the daily make up session.

    • Steve O Says:


      Automation is what gutted 93% of manufacturing jobs. Free trade gets 2% of the blame. Be careful attacking both problems with only one stick.

    • Steve O Says:

      Name a robber baron who didn’t get rich without a federal subsidy of some sort. Steel mills processed ore from public lands, with tax deals to open plants where they did. Railroads put down track where Uncle Sugar told them to. Ranchers have always relied on sweet deals to graze public lands. Zero has changed there in 250 years.

      Our very first rags to riches story was Ben Franklin. Literally rags to riches: he bought rags from the poor, milled it into paper, then printed currency on a government contract. But spun his own story as one of self-reliance. Ever since, it’s been in our collective DNA to ignore how much outside assistance all of us have enjoyed. “Up by our own bootstraps” is our motto, even though Canada has 2x the poverty-to-prosperity rate. (Around 7% here, 13.4% there, as measured by bottom 20% moving into the top 20%.)

  14. Herb Clevenger Says:

    Well Mike Frye…seems you support The Stranger with Orange Hair? Or do I get confused reading your posts? I have a simple and somewhat feeble mind in the mornings at least. Long ago trading my mix of beliefs and convictions for Dudism, I get almost all meaning in life from The Big Lebowski.
    In this bible verse, Walter is a Trump supporter who has leaped to a conclusion that he is so very sure of and righteously begins to execute. But young Mike, see what happens when you adopt and support an ideological position based on well, watching The Apprentice or Fox News?

  15. Mike Frye Says:

    I do watch Fox, But I also watch MSNBC. and I’m a big fan of PBS. You can’t get the whole story from just one sorce.

    I ued to watch Washington Week with Gwen Ifill every Friday, but unfortunately she died and got replaced with Rachel Maddow so I stopped watching it.

    Growing up I used to listen to my dads shortwave radio and one of the favorite shows I used to listen to was a Radio Naderlant from Hilversum Holland not exactly right wing.

    I’m a big fan of the BBC also. I’ve got an app on my iPhone that does that. Unfortunately all except for Fox leans away to the left. I think the reason that Fox has more viewers than anybody else is there there isn’t anyone out there that willing to give the right any voice whatsoever.

    Back when I was running my bicycle shop in Tualiton OR. In the late 80s, I would start the morning with KBOO the local community radio station and after that I’d switch over to Rush Limbaugh for the other side. I figured somewhere in between was reality.

    By the way I’ve never watched “the apprentice” in my life and I personally don’t like the guy, but it’s either him or Hillary. The guy I voted for being a Republican in the primary was Marco Rubio because I believe he was from Florida where you actually got a look at the folks were willing to take a raft for 35 miles just to get to the US away from Cuba.

    • larryatcycleitalia Says:

      “Unfortunately all except for Fox leans away to the left.” Really? But thanks for sharing this, I now understand much better how Trump got elected. Sadly, the almost 3 million voters who think otherwise weren’t in the right geographical areas – but that’s as much Hillary’s fault as anyone’s. I wonder even without the “help” provided by the Russkies and FBI whether she would have still lost when so many share Mike’s view? Trump’s nasty inaugural address drove one thing home to me – you’re either a nationalist or a globalist and this presidential election offered a clear choice..and just like with Brexit, the nationalists won.

    • Steve O Says:

      How the fck do we get to the point where Rubio is the definition of a viable candidate? For fck’s sake, there’s a reason why Florida man is a meme. (Full disclosure, both parents were U of F grads, half my family born in Gainesville, and my aunt dated Tom Petty’s first drummer in high school.)

      I’m half insider, have outsider when it comes to Florida. Had a college roommate who was well connected to the Florida GOP machine, and he was an up and comer himself until he took a large portion of the fall after the bush the Gore debacle. Dude told me hillarious stories about how in-bred the election machine was, but now he’s selling real estate to New Yorkers in Boca Raton because every scandal needs a goat.

      Every state party machine is corrupt in its own way, but Florida’s is devious in it’s own unique way. I think they fly under the radar because they are not as racist as Alabama and Georgia, and not as corrupt as Louisiana, so they look good by comparison. But Lordy, they are on a 40 year run of consistently electing nearly brain-dead candidates. Every single person from both parties who shows the slightest bit of promise turns out to be a lunatic or a moron, or a combination of both.

      Rubio …. sheeez. How is he even up for consideration for Alachua County dog catcher? Wouldn’t trust him to check my car’s washer fluid.

  16. Herb Clevenger Says:

    Impressive to see your wide range of media menu but Mike you aren’t very convincing. You say you supported Lttile Marco ( who seems at least to understand the words inscribed on our Statue of Liberty quite well) yet you support Trump who does not?Did it come down to because he ran as a Republican? That is what most of us who don’t support Adolph Trump are most puzzled about. Any Democratic candidate or liberal candidate that acts like Adolph Trump would have never even got near the convention yet alone elected. Clinton was a terrible choice from the get-go for me but for gods sake man, there was at least a Republican Congress to act as a check valve if she was elected. Your reasoning is if a bigoted, wealthy asshole who threatens rather than governs wants to run YOUR life it’s ok with you as long as he’s a Republican. The Dude will not abide Mike.
    Now if you say you support Adolph Trump’s positions that is different to me. That would hopefully show you know what they are and have thought through what they mean played out on the big stage. We could then have a productive debate I guess.

    • Mike Frye Says:

      Did I ever say I supported Trump? the ancer is NO. I only had two choses on the ballot.

      One was the former wife of the president who left the White House supposedly in debt and then after becoming Secretary of State somehow magically gained a quarter of a billion dollars.

      The other one was a egotistical over-the-top blowhard, who has built buildings all over the world. Given two choices I took the lesser of two evils. What does that make me?

      Have you ever listened to what Hillary had to say. Did she ever give you a plan or an idea about what to do with America,what was her vision? I have never heard it.

      • larryatcycleitalia Says:

        Mike – I understand your views. No surprise for a guy who believes Fox News is at the center politically while everyone else is way-too-far left. The rest of us (almost 3 million more than voted for Trump) heard Ms. Clinton’s plans loud and clear – it was pretty much a 3rd term for Obama.
        This might be tough for you, but look at the FACTS on what happened in the USA from the point Obama took over – constant job growth, millions more with health insurance…you can Google the rest. Perfection? Hell no, but the guy started in a very deep hole, a hole in a large way dug by the very folks Trump has now installed in his administration.
        Sadly, there were enough folks like you to put Trump into the White House despite this fellow’s record of doing nothing for nobody not named Trump during his entire life. Despite his demeaning comments about women, minorities, the handicapped, Muslims, etc. Despite his refusal to share his income tax records, falsely claiming an audit prevented it. Despite his refusal to properly divest himself from commercial interests as required by ethics rules.
        Now we’re stuck with him. Most of us hope for the best but will voice our opposition (as millions did yesterday) to divisive rhetoric/actions by his administration under their “America First” slogan. Nationalism + xenophobia + racism + capitalist greed is not (and never has been) the formula for success for the USA …or the world.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        And don’t forget shit like, “If you’re a star, you can do anything.” Or, “Dodging STD’s was my Vietnam.” Or, “I like people who didn’t get captured.” He has no self control, and thinks he can do what he wants, say what he wants because he has deep pockets that scare most people, including the many subcontractors he has stiffed, including the ones with contractor’s liens on his hotel in DC. He thinks the rules and laws don’t apply to him. So, bottom line is that this isn’t media bullshit or party propaganda. He did those things. He said those things. He had no details on any issues, hell, not even, an outline. Hatred for the beltway bandits got him elected. And, I can understand that. But electing Trump was like burning down the hotel to get rid of the bedbugs. And his speech on Saturday was a beauty. Essentially told everyone he needs, politician, appointee, and bureaucrat in DC that they were scum and had ripped off the people for decades. Now he has to work with them. Good luck on getting anything done. That’s it. I’m done. Sorry to tag along uninvited Larry. Now, I will leave this alone. They wanted him. They got him. Don’t worry, he said it himself, more than once, “I’m a really smart guy.”

        By the way Sharon, I saw the Betty White quote on a sign at the DC march. Good enough to steal and repeat here. Another good one was, “Melania, blink twice if you want to get rescued.”

  17. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Considering today’s Women’s Marches all over the world, here is a quote for the president.

    “Why do people say “grow some balls”? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.” — Betty White

    • Sharon Says:

      I’m smiling on you Pat. Thanks for a bit of comic relief! I feel so fortunate to have a large circle of enlightened male friends and a hugely suportive husband. So fortunate…because I know of many women who do not.

  18. khal spencer Says:

    Nice rally in the People’s Republic of Santa Fe today

    • Pat O'Brien Says:

      Good on ya Khal for participating. I was invited to the Tucson march, but I have to pick up the better half at 1800 tonight, and didn’t want to spend the whole day and evening there.

  19. Pat O'Brien Says:

    And so it begins. Darth Cheeto goes to the CIA and polishes his image in front of 117 stars of fallen agents. What’s next, a self promotion video at Arlington? All of those who were waiting to see what he will do got their first taste. Bitter fruit is what. Jeeesh, what a tool.

  20. Steve O Says:

    feels appropriate to revisit:

    • DownhillBill Says:

      Thanks for posting the link, Steve.

      “…a hubris-crazed monster from the bowels of the American Dream with a heart full of hate and an overweening lust to be President.”

      HST nailed the Tangerine Trash Can Fire 22 years ago. No one understood, or explained, American politics better.

  21. veloben Says:

    Spent yesterday at the Women’s Match Chicago. 250,000 people gathered peacefully to express their rights and have a good time. Besides the numbers several things stood out. The afore mentioned peaceableness of the assembly, the wide range of races, the wide range of genders, range of ages, the humor, and the commitment.

    Given the vindictiveness of the president and his entourage life may turn nasty, but yesterday was a very good day.

  22. mooremediaone Says:

    Just got done watching the inauguration. Where to start? Fling the poo, that’s where.

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