Big light in sky slated to appear in east.

Big light in sky slated to appear in east.

Oh, great, now we got the moon out during the day.

Are we still blaming Obama for this sort of thing?



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24 Responses to “Mooned”

  1. Sharon Says:

    New heroes – AG of Washington State and Melissa McCarthy.

  2. Stan Thomas Says:

    Bit of a moonscaspe you have there. This is actually a rather nice planet; if you ignore the people on it.

  3. psobrien Says:

    Just saw this on the NPR website. Do you think Budweiser (AB Inbev SA/NV) had anyone in mind when they approved this super bowl ad?

  4. psobrien Says:

    Sorry, here’s the link.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      That’s been getting a lot of attention. Makes me want to buy a couple cases of Bud and distribute it to the needy.

    • larryatcycleitalia Says:

      Same here, there’s no way I can drink that stuff! How the Republican Party has changed based on this –
      “In Milwaukee [the Republican Party] was made up of German immigrants who were determined to protect immigrant rights and who wanted to end slavery,” – before being hijacked by Orange Julius Caesar (and others before him).
      Tomorrow will the 3rd week I’ll be calling my representatives in DeeCee to beg them to stand up to this guy. Sadly, ALL of them are Republicans.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        Good man, Larry, We all need to keep the pressure on with phone calls and in-person visits to our reps (emails don’t have much effect). We’re gonna lose a lot of battles, but maybe we can still win the war.

  5. Jon Paulos Says:

    Well, the wife and I just attended an immigration rights rally and march in Harrisburg and it was clear as a bell who was intended as a target. The rally was organized on short notice and the organizer looked all she knew how to do was put stuff on Facebook, and they still had over a thousand people show up. I think my favorite sign was “my Muslim family pays more taxes than Donald trump”.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Excellent. That’s what lets you know that George Soros didn’t pay the freight. Genuine outrage from actual people.

      Meanwhile, let’s all try to pace ourselves. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Actually, it might be more of an intervals session. Freak, recover; freak, recover. …

  6. veloben Says:


  7. Mike Frye Says:

    JHON KENNEDY had a really neat idea. He took the money that we normally would spend on a war and put it and the resources of the United States into getting to the moon. Although I normally am not a big fan of bureaucracy, in this case and probably for the first time in human history where literally hundreds of thousands of people worked together on a project that had little or no ill effects.

    One of the byproducts of this particular venture was the microprocessor and with it satellite communication( Arthur C Clarke did predict it though) While the Soviet Union was first to put a satellite into orbit with Sputnik and then Yuri Gagarin became the first human Into orbit. The United States actually used that technology to increase its own populations wealth and expertise. Helping make the United States the most powerful nation on the Earth.

    this dominance was not created by the suppression of other people or the confiscation of mother people’s resources, but by the creation of wealth solely by invention and production, both intrinsically capitalist ideas.

    Not a bad way to go for a Democrat.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Hm. I know a few people in the newspaper biz (and elsewhere) who might find fault with your analysis, Mike.

      Yes, business has found ways to profit from government, not least among them the increased potential for automation from our great technological leaps forward (the semiconductor, the Innertubes, etc.).

      More automation meant fewer people in the production line of your daily newspaper (and various other products that once required a broad array of skilled and semiskilled labor).

      More machines meant lower costs thanks to having fewer employees, and the ones still on the job found themselves required to increase their production, in some cases at the expense of quality — for example, a copy editor who once did pretty much only that, but in a few years was choosing and editing stories, selecting and editing photos, creating graphics, designing pages, writing headlines and cutlines, setting type and guiding the page through production.

      And it was a war — the Vietnam war — that pretty much did for NASA and the moon missions. Now here we are, all those decades later, thinking about finally going back to the moon, and maybe Mars.

      Here and here are some looks back at the space program. I was a fiend for space exploration, by the way. The old man being a pilot who did some time at Edwards, he got to meet a lot of hotshot test pilots and astronauts, and always let us stay home from school to watch launches.

      • Mike Frye Says:

        Have you ever seen anyone that started a bicycle shop because they wanted to exploit and dominate other people? As far as I know bicycle shops are businesses. I got my shop because I like helping people, and felt good about the things I was selling and doing. And yet I was running a business,

        I never spent a sleepless night worrying about how I oppressed people Plus I had to keep the doors open and my suppliers paid. Being able to pay my rent for my shop and my apartment at home was crucial for me to keep going.

        Did I like all of the people I had to deal with in business, of course not. Do I like all the people I have to deal with today?

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        Mike, I assume you still own a shop. What do you think of Trek’s business plan? How about Specialized? Giant? Do you think they treat the small shop owner fairly? Are they concerned about the shop’s long term viability? Are their corporate goals good for the small and medium businesses that they are involved with?

    • larryatcycleitalia Says:

      No argument there Mike! While I don’t doubt the moon program was a part of an overall Cold War plan, at least it was not an overt military operation.
      Whenever the talk is about the horrors of the deficit my answer is ALWAYS – “Well, we could take care of a lot of that if we just cut the Pentagon budget down to something reasonable and sustainable. Do we really need to spend 2X what China spends?”
      We could do a lot of stuff (maybe visit Mars?)with an extra $200 billion a year – not to mention the trillion(?) and counting wasted on invading Afghanistan and Iraq. Where were those deficit hawks then? Yes, I know – most of ’em were the same spineless wimps doing pretty much nothing now while Orange Julius Caesar goes wild.

  8. Carl Duellman Says:

    have you seen the documentary ‘last man on the moon’? cernan seemed to be in disbelief after all these years that he actually went to the moon. you could tell he was still awed by the experience.

  9. psobrien Says:

    One could argue, as I would, that the biggest gift from the Apollo program, originally envisioned under Eisenhower, was the integrated circuit and software development. I was an electronic technician during that time in the Army and civil service and saw the evolution from open circuitry, potted modules, basic integrated logic modules, and integrated circuits to microprocessors in the equipment I installed and repaired. I saw the effect integrated circuits and software/firmware had as a logistician for equipment that got easier to support with less maintenance, less training, simpler publications,and enormous leaps in reliability. That is what created modern computing and the internet.

  10. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Well, the jury is in. You CAN buy yourself a cabinet seat without any experience, training, or education needed for the position, or knowledge of the department you are going to lead. Congress bows to the oligarchy again. If anyone disagrees, show me the evidence that she qualifies as the senior educator for the nation.

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