Everything’s rosy

Winter may be coming, but it ain’t here yet.

We’re getting a burst of late roses here at El Rancho Pendejo. Red, pink, yellow. The works.

The four-day (!) Labor Day weekend has been a rousing success so far. Herself and I went for a short trail run on Friday. On Saturday she performed yoga while I did 90 minutes of hills on the Bianchi Zurigo. Afterward I burned a couple slabs of defunct bovine and served ’em up alongside some spinach fettuccine topped with smoked salmon and asparagus in a shallot cream sauce. Herself provided a refreshing green salad. Teevee was watched, and chocolate eaten.

Today there was more yoga and cycling (the latter on the Sam Hillborne, just rolling around eyeballing some of the top-shelf real estate over by the tram). Afterward the neighbors popped round with baskets full of homegrown goodness — tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers — that went nicely in a salad alongside the leftover moocow from yesterday, plus some mashed spuds. Also, and too, ice cream.

We are neither on fire nor under water, are unlikely to be deported, and there are no inbound missiles of which I am aware.

Is this the winning we’ve heard so much about? If not, why, then, it will have to do.

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11 Responses to “Everything’s rosy”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Good on you and Herself! Neighbors with gardens? Hard to go wrong there. Seems your backyard is ripe for a garden next year. Don’t want to dig? Stock tanks, buddy. We are thinking about some ourselves next year. Left ours with the old house for the buyers.

  2. Charley Auer Says:

    The dinner recipe sounds and looks good, will have to give it a chance. The smoke in the Bozeman MT area is horrible! No biking for a week plus!

  3. Libby Says:

    A second blooming of roses – great! Glad you’re having a successful and welcome 4-day weekend.

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    Check out Union banners; the artist, Ralph Fasanella and many other subjects.

  4. mooremediaone Says:

    Wow, that sounds like a great weekend. Better than what wife and I were up to: glued to the media to see if we needed to evacuate from the path of the La Tuna fire here in Tujunga.

    In the end, we got to stay put. No power for 6 hours though, wow.

    Today is cooler and breezy and is a nice day.

    Took the ’93 Bridgestone MB-4 to survey the damage up among the fire roads. Lot’s of black and soot and ash for miles around. I’ll give it till the end of January till it starts sprouting green again.

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