So much winning!

The Marin Nicasio, up against the Wall of Science here at El Rancho Pendejo.

There’s a new review bike in the queue at El Rancho Pendejo — a Marin Nicasio.

I picked it up from the fine folks at the local Performance Bicycle shop this morning, and it practically goes without saying that ever since it’s been raining on and off because of course it has.

The Nicasio (Professor Google informs me that the name* is from the Greek for “the victorious one”) is one of those affordable do-whatever machines, with steel tubes, drop bar and disc brakes. Part of Marin’s “Beyond Road” stable, it comes with skinny-ish Schwalbes but will take the fatties, and the 2×8 Shimano Claris reminds me of the good ol’ daze spent rippin’ it up with eight-speed Ultegra, which can still be found on four bikes in the fleet.

OK, so, full disclosure, one of those bikes uses a blend of eight-speed Ultegra, Dura-Ace and XT. Sue me.

Anyway, more as I learn it. And no, I haven’t ordered up a thousand-dollar iPhone X or the Apple Watch Series 3 yet, thanks all the same. Have you?

* Prof. G just told me that Nicasio is also a place in (wait for it) Marin County, Calif. Duh.

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26 Responses to “So much winning!”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Seems like a good value at $750. I wonder where the frame is made? You could always upgrade parts later, if you wanted to. A 34×32 low gear seems a little tall for dirt and gravel duty. Glad you were able to fill that hole in the review schedule.

    The $1 Grand phone won’t be showing up at Casa O’Be. You know the deal here. No contract flip phones. I only need it when I have crashed and need to call for MEDIVAC. And, I still have the $60, gray market, Pulsar titanium solar powered watch I bought from my boss about 15 years ago. No battery replacement required.

    Looks like Stan may be wrong about us Mad Dog fans.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      No decals ratting out the country of origin, Pat. I’ll have to ask. Happily, the Marin guys are always extremely forthcoming. They want you to ask questions.

      The 34×32 is a tad tall, but I just spent an hour rocking a 36×28 on the local trails and still have all my bits. But that was a Steelman Eurocross and considerably lighter. I haven’t had the Nicasio on the scale yet.

      I’m still using a cheapo Timex Ironman to tell time. Big ol’ scratch across the face. Bought it right before an Interbike many moons ago, after its predecessor died unexpectedly.

      I have lust in my heart for the iPhone 8. I think I could justify the expense by doing without a new camera. And this old 5 of mine is circling the bowl.

      • JD Dallager Says:

        Still using an iPhone 3 in a Lizard Skins protective cover here. My family keeps encouraging me to upgrade; but why? if it still works fine.

        Also carrying a Casio G-Shock Illuminator on my left wrist that’s 8 years old and has needed one (1) battery replacement in that time. Never take it off, so the water-resistant claim is pretty good.

        Debby511: I second PO’G’s recommendation on the good folks at Absolute Bikes in Salida…..really first class and passionate about their service quality.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        You can run that 36×28 because you have a big motor. You know, big block V-8. I have a Geo Metro motor; it only makes a little power at high rpm.

  2. debby511 Says:

    No plans for fancy new gadgets. My current gadget, a Samsung S7 (not the one that bursts into flames) still has 15 payments to go, and if I paid it off early I’d lose the discount. Besides, I quit my job and I’m living large in Crestone full time now. Retired peasant girls can’t afford $1000 cell phones. We have no cell reception here anyway.

    Do plan on getting my mountain bike out of storage soon. I think with a stem extender and a shorter stem I might be able to ride it. I’m looking to achieve the infamous “sit up and beg” riding position because my neck can’t take anything more aerodynamic.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Hey, Debby … glad to hear you’re a full-time Crestoner now. Say hi to my buddy Hal if you see him running a jackass around the vicinity. He’s a frequent visitor and has pals in the area.

      Haul that old MTB over to Absolute Bikes in Salida and have them set you up with that upright position. Good group of folks there. They’ll treat you right.

  3. khal spencer Says:

    I have a Timex Ironman and consider it a luxury. The i5 is still doing well, thank you. And shit, if I want to blow a grand and not on bike bits, there is this Browning HiPower down in Fanta Se that looks gorgeous but if I buy it my significant other will wrap it around my skull in disgust.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I remember getting a couple Seiko watches for birthday/Christmas presents when I was a young pup. The Timexes suit me just fine. They’re cheap, they work, and they last.

      As regards the Browning, I wanted one of those the first time I saw “Serpico.” Never did get one, dammit, and now I have the same problem you do.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        I had a HiPower back in the mid ’70s. Typical FN/Browning quality with a deep, blue mirror finish and walnut grips. It was picky about ammo though. A Colt Commander caught my eye, and the Browning got traded. Working part time in a gun shop is an iffy way to make some extra money. I usually owed the shop money on payday.

        • khal spencer Says:

          That was the first time I saw the Browning as well. My old man shot Colts, S&W’s, and a nice Hi Standard 22 rimfire target pistol back when he was into competitive shooting.

          That scenerio worries me too, Pat. The Outdoorsman is a five minute walk from Chez Solana down in Fanta Se and I have had thoughts of getting a P/T job there after retirement just to have something fun to do and to ensure there is someone working there who is subversive. That might be problematic in the IOU column. Fortunately there is a nearby bike shop or two as well. But retirement in a place with too many toy stores is dangerous.

  4. Opinionated Man Says:

    Those bikes sure aren’t cheap though! Looks cool! 🙂

  5. gary burnette Says:

    LIKE LIKE LIKE! Ride ’em, cowboy and have FUN out there in the mountainous wilderness…

    On Thu, Sep 14, 2017 at 3:55 PM, Mad Blog Media wrote:

    > Patrick O’Grady posted: ” There’s a new review bike in the queue at El > Rancho Pendejo — a Marin Nicasio. I picked it up from the fine folks at the > local Performance Bicycle shop this morning, and it practically goes > without saying that ever since it’s been raining on and of” >

  6. Patrick O'Grady Says:

    Good news (?) for anyone in the market for a new iPhone: Apple has quietly dropped the price of the iPhone SE, which is basically a 6 in a 5 package.

  7. Shawn Says:

    What is an iphone? Is it something that screens all the calls you don’t want and reminds you to do the things that you need to do? All the while keeping you in touch with those who you should be in touch? And being able to get a signal no matter where on the planet earth you are? Then perhaps sign me up. Otherwise, my erratically connected flip-phone “I don’t care about it if I drop it in the commodius porcelainus” is just fine. Geez. I can’t believe that people would pay that much (200 fine tasty Latte’s at my LBH) for a damn device that let’s big brother keep track of you.

    Watch? Watch what? Someone I know that seems to care about me for some unknown reason gifted me with a Garmin Fenix this past winter holiday. Holy smokes it can do a lot…. Perhaps more than one of those glorified idiot phones…?? Since I’m a really poor techie (I went to school and studied one of the old and well known sciences), the watch does a whole lot more than I need (want) and ends up sitting on a shelf gathering dust (forest fire smoke at the moment).

    But that Nicasio is worth a consideration. Being steel I would make the assumption (“educated in the old science deduction”), that the frame may be made in the place that is known for producing well crafted mass produced steel frames – Taiwan (remember the MB zips?).

    I hope that your drizzly weather passes on soon and meanders its way up to the Pac NW.

    Cheers and Happy Trails !

    • Pat O'Brien Says:

      Shawn SOMA frames are made in Taiwan from Tange tubing and marked that way. Knowing where a frame is made and from what is important to me. Maybe it’s not to other folks.

  8. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    Don’t own “I” anything to date…and will probably keep it that way though I fear some sort of “smart” phone is in my future. Question is, will I be smart enough to operate it?

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Larry, my “smart” phone serves three purposes: Texting (I’ve never really liked talking on the phone, especially cellphones); photography (it’s nice not to have to carry a phone and a camera on rides); and remote control (for a Shimano camcorder).

      If pressed by circumstances beyond my control I’ll use the phone to read the NYT and check mail. But the situation has to be pretty dire for me to squint at that 4-inch screen. There better be missiles headed my way, is what.

      I used an iPhone 3GS once to update the blog from a tent in Arizona. And to think people wonder why I no longer have any hair.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        If you use the iPhone for every thing except talking, maybe a iPod Touch with cell service using a no contract carrier would be a cost effective replacement for the iPhone when it finally bonks.

        My iPod Touch is wifi only. Mostly use it these days as a music player in the Corolla iM. (Damn, everything has an ‘i” in front of it.) As a browsing tool it is just better than nothing. That’s why, with Patrick’s advice, I got a iPad mini.

      • larryatcycleitalia Says:

        I hate text messages unless they’re from my wife and they do show up on my ancient flip phone. Always having a good camera around could be a good thing vs my ancient Canon, though popping the SD card into the laptop do edit things is pretty simple. I have a Kindle for reading so no big need there. The wife has a $200 Android “smart” phone that still elicits oohs and ahhs from those who mistake it for the newest-latest offering from Apple or Samsung…so when I finally cave it’ll probably be for the same thing – then she can help me learn how to operate it!!

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        Pat, I still have one of the early iPod Touches, and the new one is much more powerful, but I still need a reliable phone for those times when I augur in on a downhill riding skinny tires on fat trails.

        If I carry a flip phone and an iPod Touch, I’m back to where I am now, carrying a phone and a camera. And the Touch’s camera is iPhone 6-quality, so I’m not really trading up there.

        I’m still casually interested in the iPhone 8 for its camera and greater versatility. You can plug a Shure mic into the thing and have a pretty damn good pro audio recorder-slash-camcorder. But I’m probably not gonna make the leap until (a) a few early adopters debug the sucker for me, and (2) the iPhone 5 turns into a doorstop.

  9. Shawn Says:

    Being educated in the old sciences and wise to the benefits of the technological world, my earlier comments regarding iphone-ish resistance exhibits my own rebellion at the high cost of purchasing a Star Trek like communicator and the subsequent need for the expense of a data based phone plan. I try my best not to justify the cost. In truth I think modern communication devices are extremely useful and functional. Texting is indeed a fine method of communication when a person really doesn’t want to talk on the phone. It sure is interesting to see how the world of communication has changed in the last 25 years……

    As for knowing how to use an iphone if and when I ever get one, Larry definitely has a point; “Do I still have the smarts to be to operate a smartphone?”.

    Have a Great Weekend all !

  10. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Three days to go on the embargo. I’m not sure I would mind if we extended it.

    • JD Dallager Says:

      I support the distinguished gentleman from Arizona’s (veiled) suggestion of a possible extension on the embargo and suggest we extend it for another 30 days. Since implementing the current embargo, my blood pressure has dropped, I sleep better at night (and in the afternoons occasionally too!), and my cycling has improved significantly. 🙂

  11. Crankyoldguyonabike Says:

    Strange happenings near your former residence. I don’t want to see the results of this

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