After the deluge

That pleasant little soaking we got yesterday soothed a scorched patch of grass in the back yard.

Herb swung by El Rancho Pendejo for a nosh and a nip after his museum-inspection tour of Fanta Se and asked if it had rained here.

Yup. Like a mad bastard, too, probably for a good 20 minutes.

But you’d never know it, because the sun came right back out, and there was nary a puddle to be seen.

This Chihuahuan Desert country drinks like a clerk-typist telling fake war stories at a VFW bar. And we’re a thousand feet above the Rio, so the parched earth just swallows and pisses and swallows and pisses and hollers “More! More! More!”

Thus yesterday’s downpour was already coursing through the Rio before we could say, “Hmm, smells like rain.”

“One never knows during a fine dinner when a bike ride will break out. Always Be Ready.”
Photo and caption by Herb C., who, like Herself, takes notice when a bicycle is parked where it shouldn’t oughta be.

Still, we’ll take whatever moisture comes our way. It must have been particularly welcome up north, where crews are still battling the 36,000-acre Ute Park fire.

Today we’re right back to hot and sunny, which is a good thing. For me, anyway. Those bicycles aren’t gonna review themselves.


3 Responses to “After the deluge”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    I’m glad you got the rain. When I looked at the weather forecast yesterday morning, I thought you would have been kayaking down the Tramway path in the afternoon.

  2. khal spencer Says:

    So I guess you still can’t get a gay cake in Colorado.

    • larryatcycleitalia Says:

      Yep, as long as you have “sincere religious beliefs”. I have those against paying taxes that go towards weapons of war. Wonder if I can ask the Supremes to let me off the hook? They let the Hobby Lobby kooks off the hook paying for contraception. Where does this end?
      On another issue, has anyone asked Orange Hitler why, during his campaign he claimed the employment numbers were way, way off (many more are unemployed than the statistics show he claimed) but now that he’s the prez, they suddenly are perfectly accurate and he deserves all the credit?

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