Mad dogs and Englishmen*

Climbing Simms Park Road on the Co-op Cycles ADV 1.1 with almost 40 pounds of gear and not nearly enough legs.

Well, a mad dog, singular, anyway. Noonday sun, to be sure. And temps in the 90s by the time I returned to El Rancho Pendejo from some weight training and videography with a fully loaded REI Co-op Cycles ADV 1.1, which is the next bike in the hopper for all you eager Adventure Cyclist readers.

Two bottles would about get me to the city limits on a day like today.

If this had been an actual tour of the parched upper Chihuahuan Desert, there would be at least one more water bottle on that bike. Maybe one of those big blue Adventure Cycling Association-label Hydro Flasks, slung underneath the down tube. And p’raps a couple of fat Ortlieb water bags in the panniers, too.

*Englishmen not included.

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9 Responses to “Mad dogs and Englishmen*”

  1. Herb from Michigan Says:

    Ooh..I hefted that bike when I visited and it was like me, a tad porky. You deserve combat pay for this bike test. As Mom said, ” It’s not how fast or how far you go. It’s just important that you go.” I think she just might have meant ok, leave… But tip o’the hat to ye for going out into the furnace for your ride.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      It always amazes me how well these trucks roll, even uphill.

      Anybody who buys a modern “adventure” bike and thinks s/he can tour on it is in for a rude awakening, however. 34×30 will not get you up that milelong stretch of 6 percent grade. Well, not me, anyway. I gots to have me a 26×34.

      • Herb from Michigan Says:

        Got me thinking. Way back in my bike shop days many bikes either had zero water bottle mounts or so poorly placed they were not useable. We had a tool that would tap into the bike tubes and allow us to use an insert of sorts to anchor a bottle cage. Cleaner than clamps. Scared the living hell out of me every time we used it but we never had a cage come loose. Did have a guy who guzzled ERG (if you know this product you are OLD) and as the stuff was basically pure salt, the drips rusted his frame badly. His Paramount paint began bubbling up in places and looking downright scabby so he started sanding the scabs off and using gray primer on the spots in hopes of a total repaint some day. He never did. Instead he backed over his bike with his car in his own garage not realizing it had slid from along the wall to underneath the wheels.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        There are a couple pretty cool options to actually tapping the tubes in these futuristical days of modern times.

        Check out the Universal Support Bolt (USB) from King Cage (a clamp with integrated braze-on).

        And then there’s the TwoFish Quick Cage. I have one of these and I’m thinking about getting a Many Things cage from King Cage.

  2. Charley Auer Says:

    Only the nineties! We’re hitting a 100r+ by 10:30 the Phoenix valley. Leaving soon though.!

  3. Pat O'Brien Says:

    There you go working again. Makes me feel guilty, for a minute.

    Taking the Saga for a spin tomorrow. Rack trunk and handlebar bag, but they don’t weigh 40 lbs. Now we know where you get your podium legs.

  4. mooremediaone Says:

    The Novara brand was ok, but am hoping for a little more with this new line.

    Still, they’re stamped out bikes from China – which I suppose they have to be to compete.

    Last I looked on the shop floor, the weld quality was pretty bad. But, yeah, I’m a bike snob so there ya go.

    Looking forward to your review, as always. 🙂

  5. Carl Duellman Says:

    i like that flask. my birthdays is coming up…

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