Rocking out

Trail 365 near its intersection with Trail 230. One of the easy bits.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, they say.

I had every intention of shooting a bunch of video of the Jones SWB for Adventure Cyclist today. But there was a veritable horde of nimrods tramping around and about on my trails, cluttering up the background, so as I was about to continue my usual southward swing along Trail 365, in a snit, I abruptly veered north onto a rocky stretch that I was pretty sure I couldn’t ride.

The view from the 365-230 intersection. Yep, that’s the big bad city down there.

And I was right. But it was a giggle anyway, and a pleasant change of pace, not least because I had always let that northbound trail buffalo me into turning around. This time I went All! The! Way!

I am not much for technical trails, and absolutely worthless in rock gardens, but I managed to ride quite a bit of Trail 365 between Elena Gallegos and the water tank above the Sandia Tram. It’s not preposterously difficult for anyone who isn’t me, and as I came to understand that I could either do a lot of walking or sack up and ride, well, I managed to surprise myself a time or two on the lumpy bits. The 27.5+x3.0 Maxxis Chronicle tires sure helped, especially at around 15 psi.

And I saw exactly one other lunatic out there, riding the trail in the opposite direction. I yielded trail, we traded greetings, and that was that.

I saw exactly one big-ass rattlesnake, too. We did not pause in our travels to exchange compliments.

But the hell of it is I got so focused on trying to clean rocky sections that I only shot one short snippet of video. Now I gotta go ride the sonofabitch again.

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10 Responses to “Rocking out”

  1. JD Dallager Says:

    Every now and then it’s really nice to focus only on line choice, pedal ratcheting, out of saddle climbing and descending, etc., eh? Seems to make the world a better place for a while anyway!! 🙂

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Sure helps flush out the old headgear. Those plush tires give you plenty of time for contemplation, too. Just achieve balance and try to find the best path forward.

      • JD Dallager Says:

        Jeesh PO’G….your last sentence there would be great guidance for our lives, eh? “Achieve balance and try to find the best path forward”. Well put! 🙂

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Flow baby! That’s what Patrick over at RKP is always chasing. Me too.

  3. khal spencer Says:

    I was trying to get the telescope working tonight and heard this weird noise. Turned around and it was the Neighborhood Skunk sitting in the garage opening looking at me. When I turned to see what it was, he/she high tailed (literally) out and down to the street. Fortunately.

    The La Tierra trails are a bit gnarly right now due to the very heavy rainstorms. I decided to try Section 20 today for the first time and ended up walking about half of it as the heavy rains have turned it into eroded gully and deep sand. There are some whoop-de-dos on some of the technical bits of the trails where you use the downhill run to build momentum to top the next sharp rise. I did that on one section and as I got over the top I noticed, just in time, that the next gully had become a lake. Did manage to stop in time.

  4. mooremediaone Says:

    That Jones reminds me that I am finding that my old school setup is quite nice.

    Hard tail, steel fork, custom low gearing, 2.3in tires. All this in a 1994 B’Stone MB4 no less.

    I keep up with the rest of my riding gang for the most part, they are all on *modern* bikes (modern yes, but better? Not sure…) I certainly can climb with them no problem.

    Where the rest of the guys need to strap on a backpack for a day’s outing, I have a solid rear rack, Jannd bags, and no back pain at the end of the day 🙂

    Viva le old steel mt bikes of the 90’s.

    Looking forward to your Jones review!

    Happy trails,
    doug moore

  5. Mark Rothschild Says:

    “In other News”…McCain remains in Rigamortis…Giving Donny,…The FINGER!!!

  6. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    Just washed our MTB’s to be put on consignment at our LBS. Have a couple of old ones in Italy but haven’t touched them in a couple of years. ‘Cross/winter/gravel bike going up on ebay next..the bike that a recent survey had most respondents claiming would be the first bike they’d replace if their fleet was lost or stolen just doesn’t get used enough to be worth hauling to Italy.

  7. Herb from Michigan Says:

    Good god that man needs a pork chop. He’s skin and bones. I heard the desert will desiccate ya but I thought it was after you khacked off.

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