Rain delay, or a tool entrenching

“La Brigade Marine Americaine au Bois de Belleau,” by Georges Scott.

Maybe that orange spray-tan runs in the wet, like the rest of him?

P’raps Il Douche would be more comfortable at Base Camp Donna, in Texas. The chicken-and-noodles MREs come with Skittles, and the body armor is optional … but no, looks like it’s sprinkling.

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6 Responses to “Rain delay, or a tool entrenching”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Seems there was a consensus in the comments of that Washpo article that either his bone spurs were bothering him or he didn’t want to get his hair wet. Maybe he should have gone to California instead. You know, hang out with the fire fighters and forest rangers. When will he be bad enough for long enough for his supporters to finally realize that the office will not change him? If I had been Macron, that would have been a frosty press conference indeed. Dumpster probably would have still been speechless after I told to pound a bushel of freedom fries up his ass.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      There is always a new low. It defies the laws of physics.

    • larryatcycleitalia Says:

      It’ll be like the original, non-orange Nixon, some will pretend they were never for him while others will support him until the end, like Roger Stone with his Tricky Dick back tattoo.
      Too few see disasters like Trump coming, but plenty see them going. You know what my wife says…

  2. Hurben Says:

    South Africa suffered huge losses in WW1, my father fought in WW2 & I fought in the bush war in Angola, we don’t learn.


    • Pat O'Brien Says:

      My brief brush with war taught me that in Vietnam soldiers were everyday people fighting to save themselves and their buddies. They were not fighting for “god and country.” That is my opinion based on seeing a small part of that bullshit. It’s hard to wrap my head around that 58,000, more or less, people probably died for no reason in Vietnam. That is why my dislike for Obama and Clinton, certainly much less than their repug counterparts, continues. They allowed this Afghanistan bullshit to continue for 17 years with experts in every corner, including the folks fighting and commanding there, telling them that we and the Afghan people have gained NOTHING in all that time. Thanks for another reminder Hurben. We need to be reminded about this constantly.

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