A friendly gesture

Shut up, kid.

Shut up, kid.

There’s a chain across this dump and a big sign that says “Closed on Thanksgiving.”

Here’s hoping that you’re all having a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn’t be beat. Don’t forget to pick up the garbage. Look out for Officer Obie, the judge, and the seeing-eye dog.

And if the “Alice’s Restaurant Back By Popular Demand Tour” comes around on the guitar, well, remember — if you want to end war and stuff you gotta sing loud.

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7 Responses to “A friendly gesture”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    I don’t want a pickle, just want to ride on my biiicyyyycle.
    Sorry, Arlo.

  2. Sharon Says:

    In addition to Arlo, going to listen to some John Trudell today. That seems right. Happy Thanksgiving all.

  3. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    C. Pierce’ Thanksgiving post is perfect for today. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  4. SO Says:

    Arlo is coming to Fort Collins sometime in the spring. Concert was never officially announced before it was sold out. Bummer, he’s playing at the Fort Collins Armory, which is a 200 seat venue, amazing place to see anybody.

  5. David Watts Says:

    One might think that the Alice’s Restaurant song is just fancy lyrics. Fact is, the story behind it is true.

    Let’s see if this image imbed works:

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