Stinky Zinke hits the silk

Cowboy up.

The pimp who has been whoring out the Interior Department has Caddy’d off into the sunset, and good riddance.

Sez The Washington Post:

During his nearly two years in office Zinke came under at least 15 investigations, including inquiries into his connection to a real estate deal involving a company that Interior regulates, whether he bent government rules to allow his wife to ride in government vehicles and allowing a security detail to travel with him on a vacation to Turkey at considerable cost.

I guess Turkey was too far a trot on horseback, alone, like Clint Eastwood’s Man With No Name (in this case, more like a Man With No Shame). And now there’s one less horse’s ass in this criminal clusterfuck. Two, if you count the horse.

But before we cheer too loudly, consider this, from The New York Times:

Rather than an end to Mr. Zinke’s pro-fossil fuel policies, the resignation quite likely signals a passing of the playbook. Mr. Zinke’s deputy, David Bernhardt, a former oil lobbyist, is expected to step in as acting head of the department.

In the meantime, Charles P. Pierce uses his weekly newsletter to call for the impeachment process to start, today. Sez Chazbo:

If the House doesn’t begin its own inquiry, and very soon, then the impeachment power in the Constitution is what Jefferson called it — a scarecrow. … The Founders made it a point in the Constitution that it would be the House, the half of the national legislature thought to be closest to the people, that would possess “the sole power of impeachment.” The exercise of that power begins with the power to investigate independently—independently, not only of other investigations, but also independently of political calculation and institutional timidity.

You can sign up to support Mr. Pierce and his newsletter over to Esquire.


5 Responses to “Stinky Zinke hits the silk”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    Impeachment would be relatively easy, requiring only a majority House vote. Finding enough GOP senators to convict would require some of those craven crooks to turn on Ill Douche.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      It would be a laborious process. First, various inquiries. Then the drafting of the articles of impeachment. Do they make it out of committee? Are there enough political huevos in the House to make this omelette?

      And yeah, the Senate. To get a conviction I’m thinking we would need three witnesses — say, God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost — to testify to having watched as Orange Julius Caesar stuck his stubby dick into an underage black goat, while standing on the Resolute desk, and shouting, “HAIL SATAN!”

      And probably not even then.

      But still, use it or lose it. Let’s make a mess, sez I.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        I agree with you. And, my two week old cold acted up again yesterday, and I spend the night coughing and blowing. It’s kinda like DC; just when you thought it was coming to an end, the beltway shit cauldron boils over again. And the gov shut down yesterday without a whimper. Oh wait, the money doesn’t run out till the 21st. So we can take the weekend off. Maybe the house of saud will pick up the tab for a fancy dinner at the Trump International hotel. Give their lobbyist a call and tell them we are hungry and a little short on cash.

  2. Dale Says:

    “a real estate deal involving a company that Interior regulates”. Would that perhaps be Halliburton – the company that formerly employed Dick (he who must not be named) Cheney, who happened to become VP over G.W. Bush, who happened to form an energy policy in secret by inviting his oil cronies to deliberations?

  3. goober mcgylish Says:

    This will never be a binary process. It will continue to be analog though will definitely accelerate. Just before the lights finally go out, you’d think there will surely be violence. At what point does the frog start shooting?

    Seriously. I really am curious about what it will take for the desperate fight for survival to begin? What will be the tipping point (or maybe there never will be one?)? And meanwhile…..the water is already hot.

    Trying to predict the future here.

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